Less is More 

For a long time I was grappling with numerous ideas and dealing with stress from the people in my life at the same time. I felt like it was all overwhelming, so I decided to take a huge step forward and decided to delete my website. I will keep this WordPress blog open if anyone wishes to consult me regarding freelance writing or blogging for them as well as to give out previews of my own writing to keep everything in one spot. There will have to be changes made, but I will adjust. As for the people in my life, certain people in my personal life have been causing me pain and stress, so I cut them out of my life since dealing with them has been far too stressful. I felt that since I cannot change what they feel about me, I can change only what is within my power and no longer allow them into my life. I feel like I deserved all the negativity because I was weak and cowardly enough to let it continue, but now that I’ve effectively cut the bad from my life, I am free to try to create a better, more positive existence for myself and only allow people that uplift me or stand at my side in my life. Life is too short to allow psychic vampires to exist in my already turbulent existence. So if anyone is interested in any of my social media or wishes to contact me regarding advice or writing services here is all my info.

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