Charlottesville, Riots, & the Bigger Picture

I don’t like to write pieces on politics because I absolutely detest American politics today, but if there’s anything I have to do as a civic duty to my country and to the American people, it is to attempt to enlighten the masses on the possible outcomes of all the chaos that is consuming every news station. Allow me to share my opinion with you all for a minute. I will simply attempt to explain what will be the most realistic outcomes of the nature of what has transpired before us over the weekend and of the increase of violent protests.

Charlottesville’s violent riot was a disgusting display of what is now the true face of the current incarnation of the Alt Right. White supremacy was in full display and, unfortunately, lives were taken in the aftermath of this riot. The problem I have with this is not just the actions of the Nazis in Charlottesville, Blacks Lives Matter when they mercilessly killed police officers, or even ANTIFA’s mindless attacks on anyone they can put their hands on in the name of “tolerance”. What disturbs me the most is that ever since Donald Trump was running for president, the protests have been turning violent, Almost every single political protest ends in a violent battle between two sides fighting for their ideological gods in battles that will not win over any sensible people. Why are all the protests ending with violence? Why can there be no discussion or debate without death? The answer might actually be simpler than the Left/Right mainstream media wants us to believe.

The truth is the Nazis, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, and any of these other violent protesters may have different ideas on what they want, but one thing all of those groups have in common is who their real target is. The true enemy of these protesters is the American public. You’re probably angry with me right now because I’m not blaming Donald Trump or I’m not singling out a single group. This isn’t about just the one incident. This is about where the violent protests are going to take us in the future. These groups are the enemy of the American people because neither side has successfully had a protest that didn’t end with some kind of violence or property damage. Their track record clearly shows that they are a danger to the public and their goal is simple. They wish to change America into something different because whether they scream for white supremacy or the hatred of law enforcement, they are not satisfied with the freedoms we do have as Americans and will use violence to take those freedoms from us as has been demonstrated repeatedly for months. The true mission of the American people must be to distance themselves from white nationalists, ANTIFA, and all other violent protesters because their cause is to take away our rights. The problem is, if the violence continues, they will succeed. Our right to protest will eventually be limited to some arbitrary form of protest that has no effect on policy or civil rights.

The fact is, if these violent protests continue, it probably wont go into some form of martial law at first. It will be a slow moving process which will ease itself into our framework until we no longer have any form of freedom of expression. First, the way we protest will fundamentally change. The American protester can very well need more than just signatures. If the protests keep getting violent groups like ANTIFA destroying property, the government may not allow those protests to take place in any property owned by government even if they are protesting the government. There’s a law in place thanks to former President Barack Obama that effectively doesn’t allow for protesting near elected officials here. The Republicans and Democrats in Congress also voted unanimously to sign the NDAA which allows the military to jail any American citizen indefinitely without due process. Considering how egregious these laws are to our free will as American citizens, the purpose of these protests is to have the American people fighting amongst ourselves while they continue to pick away at rights we take for granted. By now, it’s very likely they quietly passed another law while Americans were getting rabid over tweets made by Donald Dry Hump. Taking away constitutional rights from angry, divided Americans is a simple 3 step strategy.

  • Create a problem
  • Watch it unfold
  • Have a solution ready (usually involves removal of some freedom)

Unfortunately, to be painfully honest, the average American is far too stupid to understand that protesters on both sides are his/her enemy. I’m not saying people shouldn’t have the right to protest. I prefer if we keep that right, but ANTIFA doesn’t. The Nazis don’t want you to have the right to protest their beliefs either. This brand of protesters are the kind of people who would’ve started a violent brawl over anything. The issue is that politics was an easy target since the Recession of the last 8 years divided Americans more than ever thanks to Barack Obama’s failed promises. Politics fuels hatred. If ANTIFA didn’t have Trump supporters to punch, they would’ve picked fights with anyone who was a Pokémon fan or some other ridiculous fandom. The Nazis would’ve started a fight with any interracial couple that walked in their neighborhood. These people are out for blood and they’re bullies. They simply wish to feel like heroes. It’s like the guy who swears he would love to beat up any child molester because child molesters are a safe target. No one cares about pedophiles. Bullies target soft targets because if anyone were to defend that individual’s right to life, they would face the wrath of the crowd. I honestly believe we will see a change in national legislature regarding free speech and protesting in general. Maybe they will charge people huge sums of money to be allowed to protest so that only the very rich CAN protest at all. I know some of this may not sound logical to you, but the fact is, none of us are safe from the very real outcome of new legislature being passed in order to “protect us” from the violent protesters by taking away our right to protest. You know, the same logic that says that they should take guns away from law abiding citizens to reduce gun violence because they think criminals follow laws.

In conclusion, the bigger picture to get from all this ranting and conjecture would be to open your eyes about how the violent protests will change your everyday life. Are race relations about to get worse? What Draconian legislature will be put in place to “guarantee” that the protests will stop being violent? Who are these protesters working for? If you question groups like ANTIFA or the Nazis, will they respond with violence like they always do? These questions and more should be on the top of your list when encountering or reading about such groups. They do not have your best interests at heart. That will be all for now. If you enjoy my content and wish to keep up to date with everything, feel free to follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch. Like and share my YouTube videos and this blog. Like my Facebook page and follow my posts here. If you wish to support Solitary Pathways, please feel free to hit the button on the Services tab on the site or go to my Patreon and donate there. May your journey on the Solitary Pathway of life be a peaceful one.

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