Alternative Media, Special Interest Groups, and The “Eternal War” Complex

I’m gonna make this short and sweet since there isn’t a lot to say about this particular subject. If you are aware of current events and aren’t just another follower in the matrix of mainstream media, you’ve probably already accepted the fact that all mainstream media, whether it is FOX, CNN, MSNBC, or every other mainstream outlet is fake news. I hate to use the term fake news, but in the case of mainstream media, they cannot be trusted. If this is your mindset, then you’ve probably heard the phrase “Alternative Media” on more than one occasion. Many of these outlets will claim to know the truth about what the government is really up to and that we’ve all been lied to. Alternative media is full of conspiracy theories that con the easily led. If you look closely enough into all these different media outlets, you’ll realize that they work in the same form and fashion as special interest groups, churches, and even charities. I’ll attempt to break down the pattern so that you may have some understanding as to how they remain in business.

They will Tell You The Truth……Or at Least Half of It

The first thing every media outlet, including alternative media does is take a current event or some issue that is commonplace in society. They display it openly in their websites and repeat it in several articles or on several different times of the day to drive the point home. This is a method called the Repetition Principle.  The more someone tells you something, the more inclined you are to believe it.  It’s a very basic psychological tactic aimed at getting the uninformed to see things from their point of view and conform to their ideals. Normally, parents will use the repetition principle to persuade children to understand basic functions such as reading, writing, common sense, potty training, and other useful skills in daily life. Media outlets will use this principle to spread propaganda for their specific narrative. They will also purposefully leave out important details to fit their narrative. For example, a right wing news article will attempt to convince readers that Mexican illegal immigration under the Obama Administration was increasing. While it may be true that the illegal immigrants were coming in, the right wing articles will conveniently forget to mention that those illegal immigrants are not Mexicans. They will also forget to mention that these illegal immigrants come from countries underneath Mexico while Mexican immigrants are actually returning to their home country due to a lack of employment in America. When any media outlets or special interest groups leave out important details in that manner, they are trying to control the narrative to fit their picture by cherry picking which parts of the story they keep and which parts they choose to do away with. Whether it’s Black Lives Matter cherry picking police violence stats to promote bogus claims of racism instead of addressing real racism, feminists and MRAs taking facts about rape statistics and twisting them for their argument, or Alt Right racist groups attempting to promote their ideology of supposed racial superiority by quoting IQ points of countries without researching the Flynn Effect, they tell you half the truth and then make up the rest.

They Start Twisting the Truth & Outright Make The Rest Up To Retain Interest

This part actually requires less explanation than the first method. They will still try to use the Repetition Principle, but the different special interest groups and Alternative Media Outlets will attempt to feed you a conspiracy theory to retain your interest in their channel. Whether it’s Alex “Adult Eric Cartman”  Jones, Cenk “Low Rent Samoa Joe” Ugyur, Tomi “Adult Angelica Pickles” Lahren, or Hasan “My Mother Used to be My Father” Piker feeding you this nonsense, the fact is, when they feed you a story about any current political event, you better start learning how to expect their useless opinion on said subject and a conspiracy theory to follow suit. For example, how many times have you seen Alex Jones talk about the 2016 election or some other major world event, tell you a few established facts, then start to babble on with some nonsense about how the Illuminati lives in an underwater kingdom filling America’s drinking water with mind controlling substances made in a secret laboratory by Floyd Mayweather and the guy from the Sham Wow commercials (his real name is Vince Offer) which will affect the outcome of said major world event to please their cosmic alien deity, Cthulhu? Somehow, the government is always involved in some plot to subject the world to slavery. While there may be some truth to government interference in the daily lives of Americans, the “Alternative Media” always seems to have some secret answers as to why things are becoming worse that usually sound like the plot to an episode of the 1990s X-men cartoon series. As bad as this all may sound, this isn’t even the worst part of all the nonsense you have to deal with in terms of Alternative Media/Special Interest Groups. What will be discussed next is far more insidious and is the primary goal behind everything you just read.

The Only Solution To The Problem is Your Money

The conspiracy theorist Alternative Media Machine knows all about the secret problems that the rest of us are too magically ignorant to understand. The special interest groups can pinpoint any signs of racism,sexism, misogyny, or homophobia from a mile away, but there is one thing they can NEVER do. They can never, ever, EVER solve the problems they proclaim to fight against. That is where you, the viewer, come in. They will sit there and tell you that they have the secret documents to how to woo any woman or save the world from the clutches of Donald Trump. They will show you a book that claims to have the secret mysteries of how Sonic The Hedgehog will come from the heavens and fight Donald Trump to free humanity from death and despair. There’s only one catch. Instead of giving away the necessary information to save humanity from endless mind control via Pokemon Go and Overwatch emojis, they will charge you the special low price of twice the American national debt for their documents. If you order within the next 10 minutes, you will also get a free My Little Pony pocket vagina and a John Cena blow up doll. The point of this is that these websites, media sources and Social Justice groups always require your hard earned cash to stay in business. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want you to donate to this blog or any of my other entertainment mediums. The difference is that I’m not gonna charge you outrageous prices or claim that in giving me money, you will enter the next stage of evolution or give humanity a fighting chance at a better future. These different media sources and social activists will ultimately claim that your donation helps them fight whatever evil they supposedly fight against without giving you realistic solutions on how to fight said injustices. The point is that the injustices they claim to fight against have humanity locked in an eternal war complex in which your money helps them fight the war, but never actually win it. These fake social wars are meant to be endured until the companies go out of business or the owners shut everything down, take your money, and run. These outlets have no intention of actually solving the problems they supposedly fight against.

In conclusion, the only way to solve the problem of dealing with the alternative media, social activists, and other charlatans who claim to fight for good causes without any realistic solutions is to stay as far away from them as possible. Take their words with a grain of salt and fact check all the information presented to you. Thanks to Google and other search engines, you actually have the power to do that free of charge. That’s all I have for today. I will see you all in the solitary pathway of life. If you like this content and wish to donate or keep up to date with Solitary Pathways, feel free to Like, Follow, and Subscribe to all my social media outlets on the links below. You can always donate to Solitary Pathways by pressing the donate button on the link below. While donations are not mandatory, they do help to keep this content moving and improve the quality of the Solitary Pathways website and media outlets. If you wish to request a topic to discuss on this blog or any other of the Solitary Pathways outlets, feel free to pay the required amount for your topic to be addressed in a timely fashion as Solitary Pathways will not do other people’s work for free. Thank you very much for your presence at Solitary Pathways and may your solitary pathway in life be a safe and prosperous one.

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