TWTTS Preview: Prologue

From now on, I’m going to do a lot of previews for upcoming novels and writing I’m doing in order to promote my writing and other projects when I don’t have time to write on current events. Please, feel free to enjoy my writing and comment on it. Thank you very much.

Hazel Eyes

The cold wind of winter howled outside as the stranger walked into the house. He paid in advance two months earlier and was now being shown his room. Carrying his one duffel bag, the stranger said not a word to the landlady. Ellen Mills had seen many faces walk in and out of her house before, often renting the cheap rooms to save money to pay for tuition or other debts, but this man wasn’t a college student. His silent, yet serious demeanor wasn’t unfamiliar to Ellen, but there was something in those bright, hazel eyes of his that seemed to speak to her, as if giving her a warning of a sort. All that aside, Ellen knew to mind her business for she understood very well that all people had their demons to face. The man shut the door to his room upon walking in. Ellen walked back to the living room. The Grammy awards played on the TV as Beth Ferguson and Clyde Walker sat relaxed, yet aware that Ellen had returned to the living room.

“So, I guess we’ve got ourselves another roomie?” Beth asked with mild curiosity.

“Yes, Beth. Another room is now occupied,” Ellen replied.

“What do you make of him, Ellen?” Beth asked curiously.

“I’m not sure yet, but I know he’s not like us or anyone in this city that I’ve ever met. I have a feeling that things will get interesting from now on while he’s here,” Ellen informed, ending the conversation as she walked outside.

Ellen lit a cigarette, looking upward at the new tenant as he did the same on the third-floor balcony. It was obvious that the man had not seen her. The moon’s light captured his image almost like a picture. His jet-black hair was styled in a middle part mushroom haircut, a common hairstyle in the early to mid-nineties. The introvert’s frame was muscular, reminding Ellen of a barbarian or warrior of some kind. Ellen could easily tell the man was very physically active just from a mere glance at his physique. His chiseled and incredibly handsome face shined brightly on the moon as he leaned his head upward, still unable to see Ellen. As far as she could tell, the introvert’s features were that of Spanish or some other Mediterranean or Latin origin. What goes through the mind of such a man? What made Ellen believe that this man, of all the people that live in this city, could change the world around him with just his presence? Ellen could not answer such a question, but had a feeling that the world would answer it for her in the weeks to come as she headed inside.


“Now, as we stand three feet apart and stare at each other, I feel the full distance that comes with spending so much time apart, a moment filled with the electricity of a first meeting and the uncertainty of strangers.”  ― Marie Lu, Champion


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