Minimalism is the New Normal

Minimalism is the new normal. When the economy collapses and consumer goods become too costly to obtain, people eventually either have two choices. They either continue to run the rat race living paycheck to paycheck in order to keep up with the Joneses, or they grab what little self respect that is left and accept that they cannot possibly have everything they want. If they choose the path of accepting reality, they will eventually become more minimalist minded due to the realization that one does not need to have material possessions in order to be happy. In fact, materialism plays a role in the unhappiness of humans. Materialism makes people spend money on things they don’t need in order to either compete with, impress, or otherwise get attention from other people. This materialism causes people to slowly drain themselves into depression and miss out on wonderful experiences that don’t cost a fortune. This materialism combined with the social need of humans to fit in with their peers is at the core of why people commit heinous crimes, or withdraw from others and possibly commit suicide.

One possible solution only a chosen few decide to take is the path of minimalism. Minimalism is the fine art of making the most out of your life without requiring to possess every new item in stores. In fact, the idea of minimalism is to desire less possessions to obtain more of your life. If humans weren’t so busy trying to get the new HDTV, go to the bar every single weekend, pre-order the newest video game every time, or lease the new car they can’t possibly afford within their lifetime, they would have more time to themselves. They would have a better understanding of what kind of person they are instead of being another cog in the machine that sucks their souls dry and throws their precious time away. The minimalist realizes that going to the stores on Black Friday to get into a fist fight with a hundred other people just for an XBox One just doesn’t seem worth anyone’s time or sanity. The minimalist understands the value of other people in their lives instead of material possessions. In fact, when one looks at things rationally, they start to understand that the materialistic world we live in is already dying.

They start to realize that just being like everyone else isn’t really worth the trouble. For example, the slowly dying retail market is slowly becoming bankrupt thanks to online giants such as Amazon because of the convenience of not having to physically enter a store to obtain items. People are becoming tired of having to walk in and out of places, spending their precious time window shopping for things that are twice the price of what they could get it for on EBay.  The idea of having to work two maybe even three jobs just to maintain a roof over your head simply because there is no full time employment available will make anyone a minimalist in no time. Bars and clubs also have a hard time maintaining business because the millenial generation, for all their faults and failures, got it right when they decided that they would smoke and drink less, thus making them more healthy than previous generations. They were able to grasp the idea that maybe going to the local pub to “hang out” with your pals isn’t worth it when you consider the price for every single glass of beer, every shot of whiskey, rum, or other liquor of choice. That starts to really empty your bank account when you come back and realize you wont be getting that item you actually needed later on down the road. Don’t even get started on the dreadfully long lines to the bathroom or the fact that you’re not completely in control of your body around strangers. When one weighs the costs, people eventually realize that less is more. The expectations of previous generations no longer apply to the 20 and 30 somethings of today. People are starting to value peace over the rat race. They want more from life than shiny new toys that they will eventually throw away. They simply want to live.

Minimalism is the new normal.

I’m asking all my readers to please do me a huge favor and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE critique this video. Tell me whether the sound is too low, high, isn’t what you’re looking for in audio/vlog content. Id really like to make more videos voice vlogs because I know people don’t always like to read, so i wish to broaden my horizons. so here goes.

Minimalism is the new Normal Audio/Video


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