America Deserves Donald Trump


America Deserves Donald Trump. For too long, America has accepted the motto of picking the “lesser of two evils” as it’s model for electing the people who will make and amend their laws with a smug sense of apathy. Americans have acted with no concern to their own futures, their children’s futures, or their fellow man’s futures, voting in the moment for whatever feel good platitudes one candidate or the other gives them. When a country collectively votes for the lesser of two evils, they are refusing to vote for good. Donald Trump is not the racist in chief or whatever petty name mainstream media chooses to give him. Donald Trump is the result of America’s cowardice. His presidency is the result of America’s laziness, indifference, and utter incompetence. Donald Trump is the president because no one wanted to suffer anymore. The American people were desperate, yet unwise. The American people couldn’t imagine 4 to 8 more years of safe spaces, people getting fired for things they put on a dating site outside of their workplace, apologizing to feminists for wearing a shirt after making a groundbreaking scientific achievement, the knock out games, killer clowns, 50 year old men identifying as 6 year old girls, Black Lives Matter, people getting offended at everything, worthless college degrees, a rapidly declining workforce, healthcare that is just a tax, mass unchecked illegal immigration, the NDAA, and a whole host of other things ushered in by the era of Barack Obama. Donald Trump will not make any of this go away. For those of you who were too uninformed to understand that, you are to blame for his presidency and anything that comes as a result of it. Also to blame for his presidency and everything that comes as a result of his incompetence are the Democrats who were so worthless they couldn’t get a better candidate than Hillary Clinton. A woman whose entire life was filled with corruption and deceit. A woman so confident in her own self absorption that her campaign slogan literally said “I’m With Her”. That alone should’ve been a sign that the American people were not in her thoughts at all. Hillary’s entire campaign was about HER. At least Trump pretended to care about the American people by saying “Make America Great Again”. It gave Americans the illusion that he actually could. Those of us who knew better either didn’t vote or voted third party. We had more self respect. In fact, my small bit of faith in America comes from those who did not vote in the 2016 election because we were the MAJORITY. The poll results were so bad that if “Didn’t Vote” was a viable candidate, he/she would’ve won by a landslide. That bleak reality is the only thing that gives me any minor hope in the intelligence of some humans. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans do not understand that the two party system is ineffective and broken. It must be replaced with a system of merit that will make America into a country worth voting in. Democrats and Republicans are simply two metaphorical testicles underneath the giant dick of big government, fucking the American people in the ass with no protection, lubrication, or even the decency of kissing or a reach around. Our political climate is a joke and Donald Trump is merely a scapegoat. The fact that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the best this once great republic could come up with tells me something sinister. Donald Trump is not the enemy. WE THE PEOPLE are our enemy. Americans no longer exist in America. We are a country who was invaded by Democrats and Republicans who are in a constant state of warfare with one another, destroying our way of life in front of us. America is in its dying phases and we may as well simply enjoy the decline. Donald Trump is the physical manifestation of everything that is wrong with America. His presidency scares the American people because he is your ugly, hateful, bitter reflection who has no self awareness. The saddest part is, Hillary would’ve been the same thing if she had filled his shoes. America deserves Donald Trump.


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