The Third Side: Your Own Life

In today’s tug of war society where most are scrambling to simply belong on one side of the debate or another, people know even less about the truth of how the media and politicians are working against humanity every single day while thinking they are smarter than you. They will gladly sit there and tell you how stupid they think you are for any disagreement you may have with them on any issue. There is a third side.

The only answer for this level of ignorance is stop asking the questions. The only way to win this game is to stop playing. Your life is too short. The American people do not want to change government for the better. They’ve had every chance given to them to do something about it yet continue to vote in less qualified people every four to eight years.  The fact of the matter is that America is in a steady, slow decline and you know in your heart it is not your fault. You’ve tried to reason with the average person. They’d rather call you names and ostracize you from the society you’ve contributed to. Many have tried to show them the truth, but society would rather go backwards. You would’ve thought we actually evolved past the point of being racist, sexist, homophobic creatures. Unfortunately, the United States is going back to kindergarten style “us vs them” association. If you have any self respect, stay away from them. There is a third side.

Let them fall on their faces like the stupid children they are. Let them chant “Black Lives Matter”. Let them chant “Build the Wall”. Don’t let these people interfere in your life any further. They don’t actually care about the issues they protest for. You can prove this by observing their everyday actions, but since humanity is a social species, they will conform to mob rule almost every single time. The next time someone says “Black Lives Matter”, you need to laugh in their faces because these are the same people who will gladly glorify trying to sleep with non African American women, kill each other regularly, and abort black babies every single day. Every time someone says “Build the Wall”, look down upon this person because this is the same person who will hire illegal immigrants in their warehouses to save money for that expensive trip to Thailand to have sex with an eleven year old lady boy or find some Asian woman to import and marry since white women don’t pay attention to them anymore.  When they chant about the Dreamers and immigration reform, ignore them. These are the same people taking employment opportunities away from Hispanic Americans who were born in this country or those who emigrated legally. Their actions are the very reason their causes exist in the first place. Whoever wins, we lose. There is a third side.

The third side of this never ending struggle without end is your life. Make the decision right now to walk away. Society has already encouraged you to walk away every time you’ve tried to meet them halfway. Even if you agree with them, they will still look down upon you because beggars can’t be choosers. They never respected you and never will. You can be their most loyal servant, but they will ignore your contribution because they don’t believe in their own cause. Their true cause is your money, your time, and their never ending war. The Left and the Right have no moral compass, therefore, their opinion of you is meaningless. The only rules you need to follow in life are your own. You didn’t cause this war or the next upcoming war, therefore it is not your responsibility to fight it. They will call you a coward. Their opinion of you is their problem, not yours. At first, they will ignore you. They will then choose to negotiate with you. Upon rejection, they will fight you. Upon ignoring their promises, they will show their jealousy towards you because you, unlike them with their fake cause and their never ending wars, are a free man or woman. At this point, prepare to defend yourself by any means necessary. You have the right to self defense. The third side may be the hardest option, but it is the only one that guarantees your self respect and freedom. There is a third side.

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