Automation will Replace Immigration




In today’s post-recession climate, one of today’s hot topics is immigration. Immigration is almost always discussed in today’s political atmosphere as a weapon or a talking point to advance one side’s own rhetoric. One side seeks to wish more of them would come into the country in an endless open-door policy while the other side seeks to make sure they are unable to even enter the country. While many on both sides of the political spectrum wish to control the fates of those who wish to enter the country, neither side is looking at the uncomfortable truth in this situation. This is a truth no one wants to believe but everyone knows deep in their hearts is an inevitability at the trajectory that this world is moving on. The uncomfortable truth is that immigration is becoming or has already become obsolete.

Whether people like it or not, the main reason for immigration has never been an altruistic one. When America required immigrants, it wasn’t because they wanted to share land or property. It also had nothing to do with kindness or compassion since almost every set of new immigrants is treated harshly when they arrive into the country. Immigration has always been about countries, governments, or communities needing the services of cheap labor. The men and women of power never intended to mingle with the immigrants they let into their countries. There was no red carpet rolled out for them as they entered the country they desired to enter. Many would enter the foreign land in little more than the clothes on their back to work for people who didn’t speak their native tongue in hopes of a better existence than in the country they left. Whether they had a criminal history, or they were refugees running to escape poverty and death, one thing was certain. Their lives would not be easy in this new land under their foreign employers. Little has changed in that regard considering that many of the same reasons apply to people either illegally crossing the border or entering via work Visas and other programs seeking foreign work. Immigrants don’t run to countries with worse problems than the ones they left behind. They always go for the bigger better deal and who honestly would blame them? Employers in the present era are always seeking the most labor for the cheapest price.

So, what would be cheaper than an illegal immigrant or a foreign worker in this new climate that would make immigration irrelevant? What could possibly be more beneficial to employers than a cheap labor force? The answer to that question is automation. Automation is the preferred replacement for any employee whether that human being was a citizen of the country or a foreign worker. Employment policies promoting affirmative action, sexual harassment & discrimination lawsuits, and other inconvenient rules will be a distant memory when there are no longer any employees to bother the employer. Gone will be the days of guaranteeing benefits such as sick days, paid vacations, or even fair wages and working conditions because the employer will not require many human employees if any at all. They can take in all the profits without losing a single dollar to maintain production. At best, they would hire a few skilled technicians to keep the machines maintained at peak performance levels. Otherwise, employment will be a bygone memory. Low level employment will be almost nonexistent, and the dark reality of the end of the third world may be within reach as millions of starving unemployed humans are dying because they are no longer needed for much of anything to the few rich, powerful leaders of industry. Employers won’t need to steal social security numbers to keep their labor costs down or risk fines due to hiring illegal aliens when a machine will produce better results without cost. There won’t be a reasonable incentive to leave their home countries once automation becomes the new standard. If someone were to try to cross the border in such a new technologically advanced future, what makes them think the robot soldiers of the future won’t shoot first without asking questions later seeing is how you need emotions to even bother asking questions in the first place? Automation will kill two birds with one stone by guaranteeing the cheapest source of labor possible and simultaneously keeping illegal immigration low due to a lack of need for their services. It won’t be perfect in every aspect, but it will likely be the next step in the beginning of a new dawn. Automation will replace Immigration.


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