Novel Preview: 50 Walls to Hit: Prologue/Audio & Text



Becky Basic sat down staring at the window as her date, Darien Stroud, discussed the movie they watched earlier. It was a romantic comedy that Becky’s friends told her to watch because that was what all the girls in the University were told to watch by overpaid celebrities on social media. If celebrity culture overplayed the movie’s value, Becky was all over it. Becky Basic could hear the frustration in her date’s voice as he critiqued it. How dare Darien criticize a movie that was given a 100% rating at Rotten Tomatoes? Didn’t he know he was supposed to love any movie given positive reviews by the critics? Becky could easily tell this date was not going to end well. There was no way she could just deal with a guy who didn’t conform well.

                     Darien looked at the window outside, staring into the night as people passed by. He paid no attention to the nonsense Becky was discussing. She rambled on about her makeup, clothes, and any other useless chatter one could come to expect from a woman so devoid of an actual personality. The date wasn’t going to end well. Darien knew that much. He gave Becky a chance because, although she wasn’t the most attractive woman he dated, she seemed normal enough mentally, unlike the other painfully average students at the university they both attended. Darien soon found out how wrong he was when she talked endlessly about Kim Kardashian’s children. Thankfully for Darien, a waiter approached the pair ready to take their order.

                     “You guys ready to order,” the waiter asked politely.

                 “Yes. I’ll have the sirloin. Medium rare,” Darien replied.

              “And for you, miss,” the waiter asked, shifting his focus to Becky.

                “I’ll have the whole left side of the menu,” Becky responded in a demanding tone.

            A look of utter shock came across Darien’s face as he responded almost immediately following her comment. “Bitch, you better quit sniffing glue!”

                Becky had become upset at the sharp reaction she received from Darien and replied angrily while standing up as she turned her back to him. “I don’t understand what your deal is? First, you don’t like the movie. Now you don’t want to pay for dinner? Why do I always end up with cheapskates? One day. Just one day I would like to find a man who would be willing to buy me whatever I wanted while I went around sleeping with alpha bad boys. Is it too much to meet a guy who can afford a dress for me that would cost twice the American national debt? Is it impossible to find someone who can provide me with a ring that has diamonds which were dug out with the hands of starving African children? Isn’t there a man who would love nothing more than to finance me by paying child support for my illegitimate children? Darien, don’t you understand my needs? Can’t you understand that I don’t deserve to accept responsibility for my mistakes?”

                                    Becky turned around only to find that Darien was gone faster than a 40 oz in a ghetto liquor store. It was at this moment Becky Basic looked at herself in the mirror. Normally, a guy would go out of his way and put himself in debt in the hopes of sleeping with her only to find out she slept with a football player the night before and would never give the suitor the time of day after she got her free meal from them. Now, it’s almost as if men were not paying attention to her anymore. Her looks were fading away and she knew it. Becky started to understand the realization that things were going to get worse for her unless she found a man who she could use financially for the rest of her life. If she didn’t find a suitor soon, Becky would eventually find herself hitting the wall of old age and never be desirable again. Becky Basic knew then and there, as she stared at her reflection, she would find a beta male provider to finance her existence if it killed her.

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