On Overburdening & Focus

I learned a valuable lesson today. Actually, I didn’t learn it as much as I confirmed something I already knew. You can’t do everything all at once and you can’t do everything you want to do either or else you really won’t get anything done at all. I’ll be the first to admit that I want to be on top of everything I have. I want to be on top of my YouTube channel, my Mixer, Twitch, Twitter, and everything else. I want to be able to post daily or at least weekly on my writing. I want to get any and all of my books done. Do you want to know what I’ve actually done? Very little. All I ever seem to do is take time away from myself that I actually need to just relax and forget everything I know. A person always needs time to recharge. I made a personal challenge to myself over the course of the week and only lasted six days in abstaining from my vice. The reason for my failure was because of my own relentless desire to thrust extra tasks on myself.

Over working oneself by adding additional tasks to their daily life has the same result as not doing enough work: Nothing ever gets done. You tend to overburden yourself because we are taught that nothing is ever enough. That is only partially correct. You can never make enough money or succeed in enough areas in life. The trick that most people forget to mention is that you have to actually succeed in one particular area at a time instead of trying to juggle 90 different things. None of what is said here is too much to comprehend for even the most average of intelligence. The problem many people face is not that they didn’t know better. It’s that they refuse to do better, so they add tasks to seem more busy. Tasking onesself to do multiple things or have multiple goals as opposed to one singular goal that they know they are good at will make a person incapable of doing any one particular thing well since they didn’t allow themselves the time to become good at one thing. You can’t possibly have any direction when you force yourself to go into all directions at once. Life is hard enough even for those who are focused on one task. For me personally, I think I’m gonna focus more on my writing than my Twitch streams, Youtube videos, or anything else.

I recently read Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children last week and I will say that it was entertaining. At some point, I do plan on reading the rest of the trilogy. I had not touched the book itself in a long time, starting it last year but never touching it because of my nature to want to do everything at once. When I tried to focus on everything else, I never bothered to even go halfway through it. I came to understand that I wanted to finish this book sooner or later, so last week I ended up doing just that. The reason I was able to finish the book so quickly was because I had spent the better part of last Sunday reading what was left of the few remaining chapters after dutifully reading each chapter I could within the week. To be honest, when I completed that book, I was quite proud of myself for completing something I started however minor a task it may have been. My biggest problem with wanting to do multiple things is that the other things just tend to become excuses for not completing a specific task. When you don’t focus on one task at a time, you just end up with a backlog. You’ll hoard things you haven’t used in months despite being excited for several months about obtaining and wanting to utilize this possession or complete this task. It makes you forget what it actually feels like to accomplish a task. When you do focus on one thing above all others, you start to see results quicker because your focus is sharper. Nothing said here is anything more than common sense. Common sense, unfortunately, has now become so rare that it may as well be classified as a super power. Therefore, I may as well continue to impart my wisdom on those who’ve never been told what is being written here by their parents, teachers, or any other autority figures wou can make an impact on their lives.

Do not worry. I dio plan to keep all my other social media platforms alive and well. I will try to also to keep them moving in the right direction as well, but my main focus will be on this blog or finishing writing my books. Writing will be my center of focus as far as goals go. I want this blog to be used regularly, so expect to see more content even if it isn’t on anything important. The best way for me to be better is to remain focused on writing. That will be all for now, ladies and gentlemen. Feel free to like and share this blog post. Sldo, you may follow all my other social media and channels online. May your Daydreams Manifest.



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