Wisdom: Acquisition & Application

Upon pondering the vast array of knowledge our world possesses at the press of a button, it s still ironic how uninformed the masses truly are about any subject that doesn’t involve celbrity gossip or pop culture. This isn’t to say humans are stupid creatures, but that they are willfully ignorant of the opportunity to use their knowledge properly despite it being easily accessible. Most people’s inability to overcome their laziness tends to override their sense of duty or passion. People instinctively love to learn, but today they are taught not to value learning. Knowledge doesn’t seem useful because it is mostly free. You can learn anything on a college course online. The only reason people go to college is for the degree these days anyhow. Without that piece of paper, a person may have a harder time getting certain jobs, but otherwise, college can easily be self taught. The point is knowledge in today’s internet driven world is cheap and largely underappreciated. So what happens to this wealth of information if the larger portion of society overlooks it completely?

This drives the conversation to the next point of interest, which is the application of wisdom. If people believe that knowledge will always be free, they won’t value it. When they do receive knowledge, it just seems like another topic to discuss when trying to impress their peers as opposed to being something that can either get you out of debt, help someone attain employment, or learn a new skill. If humans don’t value wisdom, they most certainly wont apply it in their everyday life even when such knowledge can actually save them from the miserbale existence many of them end up having. The only way to motivate someone to obtain and use said knowledge has always relied heavily upon motivating the individual with an incentive. Today’s world is one where instant results are expected. If something is difficult, they will do everything in their power to avoid such a responsibility. People today do not understand the value of sacrifice, therefore the application of wisdom is entirely too much to expect from such lazy people. Knowledge is meant to be used, not stored away in the back of someone’s memory so one can brag about knowing it to their friends. Knowledege one attains must be used in a way that will ultimately benefit the indivual attaining it.

The application of wisdom is just as important if not moreso than the attainment of such knowledge. Anyone can buy a hundred self help books and exercise guides, but most will either never use the guidance given or use it a few times to only give up on it later.Applying knowledge means that the person who has obtained the knowledge must change their habits in accordance with the knowledge acquired. So how must someone be able to utilize acquired information? This is what will be discussed next.

The application of newly acquired wisdom requires two things in order to accomplishb one’s goals with said knowledge. One must have motivation and discipline. Motivation gives an individual a reason to accomplish the goal set before them. Discipline gives a human being the ability to maintain their grit to accomplish said goal in difficult cirumstances. The first question to ask oneself when trying to apply wisdom into everyday life should be “What am I willing to give up in order to accomplish said goal?” There is always a trade off. You will end up sacrificing something whether it is time, money, or a habit of some kind.  If you are willing to make that sacrifice and take the next step, then the discipline one has will determine whether they will stick it out or just stop when things get too hard. There are times where an individual is able to overcome difficulty by getting the discipline on the journey. Those moments can shape your character if you see the good in even the worst of situations. The application of wisdom then becomes second nature to you. When one acquires the ability to successfully apply their knowledge to their lifestyle, they then begin to lead by example. This will encourage others to follow suit due to the results shown in one’s performance. Now that the forumla for acquiring and applying wisdom has been discussed, this discussion must be concluded.

In conclusion, there is a severe shortage in the application of wisdom in human due to many factors. Factors such as laziness, lack of motivation, a lack of utilizing information due to its easy availability and a lack of discipline all contribute to why the knowledge that is within our reach is rarely used. The ways to overcome such apathy towards knwledge rely on being willing to sacrifice one thing for another, find motivation for accomplishing said goals, then finally maintaining discipline to stick it out until one accomplishes the goal with the knowledge gained. While this may seem like a simple formula, it is often revealed that attaining any goal is easier said than done. The acquisition of knowledge is easier than ever in the digital world, but the poroper application is what seperates the men and women from the boys and girls in life.

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