Prom Dresses and Hurt Feelings

I really need to know when this is all going to stop? Is literally everything offensive nowadays? Can there be nothing that Social Justice Warriors NOT be mad about? I think we all know the answer to that. There’s not much I can add to this except for a few things. If we’re being really honest, this girl is smoking hot and she wore the hell out of that dress. This would’ve never been an incident if social justice types didn’t decide to pick on a minor over her fashion sense.

The guy who originally got offended and started the Twitter firestorm was most likely just angry that he wasn’t her boyfriend, so he had to sprinkle on some hate. The attack on the girl simply proves that there is no low these busy bodies won’t stoop to in order to have something to complain about. I could easily see these clowns sending death threats through their cheeto stained keyboards as they breathe (not drink, but breathe) their Monster energy drinks. These are the type of people who’ve gotten people fired for their opinions on the internet when Obama was in charge. They never shut up. They always complain. They’re never happy. The social justice warrior is a parasite and modern Universities have become little more than adult day care centers because of these people. I would never want to live a life so miserable that I would have nothing to be happy about because I’m too busy protesting against water being wet.

The one thing I’m genuinely happy about is as far as i know, this girl is not apologizing to these people. That is how everyone should act in the presence of these finger waving adult children. If there is even one reason to never apologize to SJWs, it’s because they will never forgive you. Forgiveness as a concept is alien to the SJW. They hold every grudge they can. When they have no grudges to hold, they create a new one. The Marxist philosophy they follow is based on something called Conflict Theory, which involves a ruling class and a victim class. They see themselves as perpetual victims and everyone else that doesn’t think like them as oppressors. There is always a war to fight in their heads. Life has no purpose or meaning other than to whine about something or fight against something. This girl’s dress is ironically not offending anyone in China. It seems only white liberals in America are angry at her for it.

It’s sad because I remember life being much more pleasant when everyone wasn’t so busy being offended at everything. The irony in all this is that the SJWs always harp on about diversity and inclusivity. These people will tell the Aermican public to embrace all cultures as equal, but when someone appreciates the beauty of another culture, it suddenly becomes cultural appropriation. I’m now going to tell you a few uncomfortable truths about this phrase and the people who use it.

Cultural appropriation is a made up phrase used by elitists who want to sound more intelligent than they actually are. The term is an internet phrase because no one outside the internet and the safe spaces of universities ever actually uses the term cultural appropriation in casual conversation. If anyone were to use the term in a serious manner in a face to face conversation, they’d be told to shut up and the conversation would be over. Cultural appropriation is just a phrase for these psuedio intellectuals to use in order to be condescending in the presence of others. SJW internet speak has to be used in a safe area where people won’t beat you up for talking to them the wrong way.

Another uncomfortable truth that the SJW crowd wont admit but they know I’m right about is they are doing this to the white woman because they consider white people to be soft targets for their insults, jeering, and general misconduct on the internet. If a woman of color wore the same dress, no one, including the man who initiated the backlash of social justice against the girl would have even retweeted the dress. They’re intellectual cowards who always fall in the traps they set up to destroy their competition. They secretly hate people of color, but pretend to be friendly with them in order to keep minorities voting for their causes during election time. The SJW has no friends. They eventually stab each other in the backs when convenient, so trusting one is a mistake.

To conlude this, one must always be reminded that no matter what you do in the short life you’re living, someone is always there trying to complain about your every move. They will call you racist, sexist, or whatever other insult they can throw at you in oder to put someone in line. When someone demands an apology for something you inherently know was not wrong, don’t apologize to them. Don’t apologize. You will not be forgiven. They will continue to dox you until you are unemployable. Life is too short to try and impress others who have no interest in building bridges, but would rather build walls between cultures.


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