Time: Your Most Valuable Resource

In a time where society tends to value money and things more than anything else, it seems everyone tends to brag about their skills at hustling or their second or third job. It’s easy to sympathize or understand the value of hard work. Everything costs more. It’s harder to make it because everyone is your competition thanks to the internet. The aboslute worst part of it all is the lack of time you have for yourself. There’s no easy way to say this, but your time is your life. If you’re not utilizing it to the best of your ability, you’re throwing your life away.

I’ve heard people often say they never have time for anything. The truth is, you always have time for the things you really want to do. Whether you’re sitting at home playing video games, watching TV, porn, drinking, you always seem to make time for whatever feels good at the moment. That’s what’s wrong with most people’s lives. Now, I’d be the last person to say your life should be work work work (Rihanna song comes to mind as I type this). Instead, I simply offer the alternative of trying to do the thing you love most. Make sure you do it often as well.

I, for example, love to write. I hate forcing myself to write, but once I find the motivation and the desire to write, I can go full steam ahead even on a limited time frame. It’s the one thing I can truly be proud of because it gives me the ability to make my thoughts tangible. It required effort on my part because I can be a heavy procrastinator. It’s genuinely hard for me to write this even now, but the laser sharp focus has been able to keep me going even on borrowed time. By the time I actually post this, I’ll likely be on my way to work thanks to the lack of time I get to have to myself thanks to the commute.

Monday through Thursday, my life simply goes in this order: Wake up. Get ready for work/ Commute to work. Get to the gym before work. Finish workout. Go to work where I will likely spend the rest of my day. Take the extra long commute back from work. Sleep. Every paragraph I write is me trying to take the time I have and make it work since I’ll be on my way to work once I’m done writing this. I’m grateful that I do have the energy to make my time work for me. While I’m far from p[erfect at it, I’ve managed to at least attempt to make every moment count. All the money in the world would not be able to buy a moment of my time back. so I’ve continued to push myself towards success in my passion by taking the extra time each and every morning to see if I can even write one more sentence. One more word. One more time. Time, not money,. is your life. Take that with you each and every day,. I’ll see you all later. May your daydreams Manifest.

Yours Truly,

A Fellow Daydreamer


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