The 5 Worst Places to Talk to Women

Meeting and talking to women can sometimes feel like a feat suited for only the bravest of gladiators. Many men today simply are not conditioned to talk to women anymore since they have a passive approach to life. Thanks to this participation trophy generation’s “can’t lose” attitude, men simply won’t bother knowing where to go or when to approach women (when is FAR more important than where). For those brave and smart enough to understand that talking to women isn’t some monumental feat suited for a dragon slayer, you learn that there are plenty of places to go to meet women and that it’s not as hard as one may think. If you are reading this blog though, this is NOT what we’re going to cover.

I simply want to make a short list of the five worst places I personally think are the worst places to meet women. These are the places where you will see a large number of desperate men attempting to talk to women when they should clearly know better. These are the places that just don’t work for a man unless you’re built like 1980s Jean Claude Van Damme.

The Bar

This is just a personal preference, but I’ve never picked up a girl from the bar. There’s more than a few reasons to never approach a girl at a bar. Bars are so loud that you have to practically yell at someone just to talk to them unless it’s a small dive bar and most women don’t go to dive bars anyhow. The average woman going to a bar also brings a lot of friends or her boyfriend which is an automatic indicator that she is not there to be approached by a random stranger. This is largely the reason many women adopted the trend of going to gay bars. They expect to be approached and if you’re not a literal god, you’re most likely in a long line of soon to be rejected men that you need to stay away from.

Public Transportation

If there was a worse place to approach women than the bar, it most certainly must be in public transit. The fact that you are taking public transportation of any kind should be kind of embarassing to say at the least. Just imagine having someone approach you to waste your time or try to get something out of you when all you wanted to do was get from point A to point B. That is how any woman who is being approached by any man who wants to sleep with her feels when she most likely doesn’t even want to be on the bus in the first place. You’re literally another passenger in a state owned car, so trying to approach women there without her permission (aka body language) means that you’re extremely unaware of the circumstances you’re in and are begging to be rejected.

Running Errands/ Work

Seriously, do I even need to list reasons for why approaching someone who is only in a place for the sole purpose of getting something done is a terrible idea? Work, grocery shopping, the lines at any place of business, or the laundromat are examples of places most people do not even want to be in let alone be approached by a stranger. The Golden Rule should apply to this one. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable being approached by random strangers in this place while you’re trying to accomplish your daily tasks, then don’t do it to others. It;s instant rejection.

The Internet

This is a bit of a double edged sword because for the introverted man, the Internet is one of the best places to meet like minded people with similar interests. The problem with the internet is you’re unable to detect things like body language, tone of voice, or other indicators as to whether a woman finds romantic interest in you or not. It can work for some people, but you’ll never know unless you meet them in real life. Also, sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch are the absolute worst sites to try and meet women simply because you put yourself in the line yet again. This woman is being approached by several men all at once, many of whom have the same or worse thought process about approaching women as you do. The odds aren’t in your favor. Even dating sites have harsh ratios and high expectarions. I gave up on them entirely because the math works against any man trying to approach women. With that said, there is one place that is far worse for meeting women with the intent of romantic interest.

The Gym/Dojo

I’m not sorry to say this and it should honestly go without saying that the worst place to try and talk to women with romantic interest in mind is the gym. Hell, any place where you go to seek self improvement is there for the sole purpose of self improvement should not be a place where you genuinely believe you can approach women without their expressed permission via body language. I’ve had women actually show genuine interest in me at the gym. I find it annoying because most of then were not my type and they distracted me from my purpose for being in the gym. If you go to the gym, pay a monthly fee, and use the machines just to approach women, you’re honestly pathetic and need to re-evaluate your center of focus in life. The Uncomfortable Truth is that those women are the most likely to be approached by random men. Many of these men are likely in better shape than you. Save yourself the embarrassment of being another fool in the line of male orbiters who will never sleep with this woman and fucking lift. Go to the gym, lift, and leave.

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