Update: 4/16/2018

Just a quick update blog. I want everyone to know that I’m posting here more regularly now to get better at my writing since this is what I love to do more than anything else. In the meantime, I will be uploading more videos to my YouTube and Bitchute channels as well, so expect to see more content. You can also feel free to follow all my social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Ywitch, Instagram, and much more. Simply go to the header and click on the buttons there, or go to the social media menu page to follow all things related to Daydreams Manifesting.

One more thing. If you wish to communicatewith me Live or have any questions you want answered on the spot or just wish to talk, join my chat in my Twitch Channel. You can either go to the channel page on this website, or go to the Twitch page itself. I will inform you here every time i go LiveĀ on Twitch and embed the page so you can watch from this site. If you wish to do so, you may follow my Twitch channel to get even faster, on the spot notifications on when I go Live. Last but now least, there is a Giveaway for one lucky winner of a $60 Amazon Gift card once the channel reaches 300 unique followers. If you subscribe you get additional benefits. See details on the Daydreams Manifesting Twitch page.

So if you wish to keep up to date anywhere besides just this blog/website, there are a ton of options for you guys. In the meantime, for those who followed my blog recently, thank you and welcome to Daydreams Manifesting.


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