Your Job is Not Your Career



You’ve woken up and realized it’s probably Monday. You still have not been able to shake off the feeling from work yesterday because you either work a lot of overtime, have a horrible commute, hate the job you’re working, or all of the above. It starts to get to you because you feel as though you’ve never got enough free time to do the things you like. The issue you’re having with this scenario is that you’re starting to feel like you live there instead of in your own house. You spend too much time with people you don’t particularly care about while doing things you don’t like. If this is your scenario, you’re going to have to remember one important factor life will guarantee no matter how stressful the job is: There is no such thing as forever.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will likely never be able to keep a job because I hate jobs. You see, when most people think of jobs, they think of something they will do for the rest of their lives because they don’t think in terms of what they want to do as opposed to what they are supposed to do. They believe their job is their life. This is utter nonsense.  You don’t feel passion for your job. You don’t love your job. You don’t want to do your job for the rest of your life. What you want for the rest of your life is a career. A job is simply a tool to get by until you obtain a career. People are conditioned to believe they need their job because it is their life.

If you wish to change your work life, you must first shift your focus on how you feel about your job in general. Determine whether you like your job or not, then decide if this will eventually become a career or not. I personally have one rule for any job as of recently. If I do not like my job or am not motivated to do my job, I will make a plan to leave for something better. I will use the job as a tool and once it no longer serves its purpose, I will leave. Please, don’t just leave though. You need to save money and have multiple layers of financial security in place before you leave. Just make sure you create those layers and then leave. The job will seem like it needs you more than you need it if you’re secure with yourself. Save your real energy for your passions, career, and life.

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