Five Steps To Starting an Online Platform

In today’s internet-based society, people will often come across social media and content creation platforms. Popular sites such as YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook are very likely a part of your existence on the internet as well. You may have seen people become famous thanks to these platforms. You’re likely to think that it may be easy money to just sit in front of a camera, express yourself, and become successful doing so. You could not be more wrong. This is where this post comes in to help you start your journey to building an online presence. If you can understand these five basic things you need to know, your mindset towards building an online presence will not be as difficult to begin. That said, this post will start with the very first thing you need to do before building an online presence, which is to come up with the purpose of your platform.

Have a Purpose For Your Platform

Honestly, this first basic principle may be the most important part of the process of building an online presence. If you are just making videos for the sake of making videos, you’re not going to reach a specific audience. You will end up not getting the views you want because you don’t stick to a subject. If you don’t have a reason for building your channel, it will ultimately fail because your videos randomly go from one subject to the next with no clear motive. Most audiences will lose interest in your platform rather quickly if you can’t stay on subject. When your platform has a specific purpose, it becomes much easier to organize your thoughts and simply build a platform for that subject. Now that having a purpose for your platform has been resolved, what do you do now?

Start Creating Content

This might sound a little obvious, but the best thing you can do now is to just start creating content. You can start with an introductory video on what your series will cover. You can go from there and start making videos on a regular basis. Keep in mind that starting a video series of any kind will require a schedule. Maybe you only have enough time to make those videos once a week. If that’s all you have time for, then stick to that plan. Don’t try to ruin your life trying to make videos every day unless you can afford to. Otherwise, you will find disappointment from your audience who was used to a video every single day. Making the videos and keeping it at a scheduled pace will make your life much easier in the online world. Now that you’ve started creating content, how do you get yourself out there? How do you gain the publicity necessary to become relevant on the internet?

Advertise yourself

If you’re trying to get noticed on the internet, the best thing you can do once you have created content is to start advertising yourself regularly. There is no substitute for trying to organically create a fanbase. There are several social media outlets to advertise from. Another option for bringing an audience to you is the utilization of an email list. Email lists help the user know when you make a new post or come up with new products. Email lists are seen as far more powerful of advertising tool than social media especially when you’re trying to sell something. You will have to remember that this is the online world, therefore you’re going to face opposition and criticism. How one can deal with that will be discussed next.

Learn To Deal With Criticism & Opposition

If there is one harsh reality no one wants to deal with when putting themselves out in the open on the internet, it’s criticism. No one likes being told that they aren’t good enough or that their work is pitiful at best. Unfortunately, the minute you put yourself out there for the world to see, someone is always criticising you. It is a part of life. without criticism, you don’t get better at doing anything. Instead of looking at criticism from a negative viewpoint, one must learn to take criticism seriously enough to look at their own faults as a content creator. If you’re never told you need improvement, you’ll maintain the same flow that will keep you from reaching new heights with your platform.

On the other hand, there are some audiences or other content creators whose only purpose seems to be making your life difficult. This is not a constructive criticism you can use to improve your platform. There are those whose only wish is to see you fail and they will do whatever it takes to ensure that you have a hard time. In these cases, it is your responsibility to handle the situation by any means within reason. The best thing you can do in these cases is to block the user from continuing to give you a hard time on the channel. You simply cannot allow these people to waste your time continuously because they can cause your channel to be deleted or drive your audience away from you. With that said, now there is one last thing you must focus on as a content creators if you wish to succeed as a content creator or succeed at anything in life.

Keep on Moving

There’s not much more one can say about this. If you absolutely want to succeed online or anywhere, you must continue the forward movement and stick with the plan. No matter how you do it, not giving up is possibly the most important aspect of trying to be a content creator because life is a long-term game. The online world doesn’t stop moving just because you decide to take a couple of days off. In order to succeed in anything, you must learn how to accept failure on a regular basis. You can fail a thousand times, but you only need to succeed once in order to break out and become relevant. Even if you do succeed, you can’t rest on your accomplishments. You have to want to be better than yesterday. It takes years for some people to even have any amount of success, so don’t ever give up.

In conclusion, starting an online platform can be a daunting task at first. If you take these steps to pursuing it, you will find it easier to start your online empire because now you have a blueprint. While this will not guarantee instant success, planning a purpose for your content, creating content, advertising, dealing with criticism and opposition, and continue pursuing your dream can help you move along much quicker and with more efficiency.



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