The Ugly Truth about MGTOW

While there are many trends and subgroups in society, one group is starting to gain traction on the internet. This is a collective of men who’ve decided to not live in the traditional atmosphere of society and carve out their own path in life. This group is known to the world as MGTOW. They, for the most part, are a group of individual men who have decided that they no longer wish to get married or remain in the traditional gender roles of protector and provider for a society they feel has abandoned them. When put in those terms, it only seems reasonable to do that considering the state of marriage in our society today. With half the population getting divorced in America, a lot of men just opt out in order to maximize their own free will in the world. While all of this sounds reasonable and fair, there are truths about MGTOW that most people who are interested in the lifestyle choice must know.

MGTOW is Not A Group

First and foremost, anyone who believes that there’s a place where it can just be all about men is in for a rude awakening because MGTOW groups would only exist to get shut down as soon as anyone who doesn’t agree with MGTOW philosophy catches wind of it. MGTOWs prefer to keep it to themselves for very specific reasons. Most MGTOWs don’t even agree with one another on how to live within a MGTOW framework to enhance one’s own existence. So if you were interested in joining some kind of a men’s club, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any true MGTOW groups since that would defeat the purpose of “Going their own way”.

You Are Seen as a Villain

As far as mainstream narrative goes, if you’re even considering MGTOW as an option, you will have to be ready to face a ton of opposition in your everyday life. It often gets to the point where someone who is feminist or Left-leaning will actually dox you in an attempt to get you removed from your job. This will ensure you have no place in society at large. If one is to choose the MGTOW life, they better be ready to not reveal their faces and live a double life in order to keep a job in this modern society. The only way one can openly live as a MGTOW would be to have enough money so that you no longer need a job. MGTOW is not something you do for positive attention. Men live a MGTOW lifestyle to enhance their existence. Conservative traditionalists don’t like MGTOWs either and will gladly utilize the same tactics feminists do.

You Are Responsible for Your Life

There may be men who will sympathize with you online, but ultimately anyone who decides to go about being MGTOW better take the phrase “Going Their Own Way” very seriously. As mentioned above, not every MGTOW will agree with you on various subjects. Society at large will do everything it can to label all MGTOW as woman-hating rapists who believe in patriarchy. If one is to plan on being MGTOW, you face opposition on all sides. It is up to you to maintain your lifestyle as much as possible, If you’re not placing a bet on yourself in life then you will learn the hard way. You’re responsible for everything good or bad in your life. MGTOW isn’t fun nor is it easy. If someone still decides to choose to go MGTOW, then they are ready to live their life by their terms. That will make life much more difficult, but any man who takes that approach and sees themselves as free men will find ways to make life easier. People adapt to the situation you’re stuck in any way they can. If you go MGTOW, it’s a long-term lifestyle not made for people who cant take criticism. Going your own way will not be fun, but to get the most out of your life, you will make sacrifices no matter what.

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