The Service Industry is the Answer to the Automation Dilemma



As humans continue forward into the internet age, money is being made in ways that don’t require an actual product to be sold to anyone. Businesses are being created without the owners having a single material possession to sell to the public or even a place to visit. What is being sold instead is service and knowledge. How can this possibly be sustainable if humans require materials to perform certain tasks that affect their everyday lives if there is nothing being made or sold?

To answer this short-sighted question, the service industry has always been with people for as long as they have lived. A business, for a lack of a better phrase, is simply one person willing to solve another person’s problem for profit. If someone has a problem they cannot or will not solve themselves, then you have a job until that problem is solved. If one can build a reputation for being reliable to solve that problem regularly and with several clients, you have a business. That is the meat and the heart of being a business owner whether you have the physical property or not. If you can sell, you can make money.

A business that is based on products must have the property to sell or they will not make the money to be successful. A service-based business, on the other hand, has the potential to make great fortunes despite not having a single piece of property thanks to the internet. This means anyone who has the skills necessary to have something of value, whether it is art, consultation, physical fitness, or anything else other people may value can become an entrepreneur if they wish to. They simply require the hunger to do so effectively and make it a long-term decision.

The service-based industry may potentially be the answer to the problem of automation. The only underlying issue is that the vast majority of humans simply do not have the hustle to create an industry from the bottom up. Most people in any society do not have the drive to draw art, write a poem, or even make up a good story worth selling. The truth is actually a paradox. Thanks to the internet and the service industry in general, anyone can run a business. At the same time, not everyone can do it. The tools are there, but not everyone has the patience, the will, nor the understanding, or bravery to make sacrifices to take the time from their weekends to commit to their passions or dreams.

For the people who are followers, this may present a problem if we become a full blown automated society, but for those who know how to make something out of nothing, there will always be a service rendered or a problem solved. This will be like every other society. Followers will simply have to do what they’re told. Innovators,  leaders, and the lone wolves have the power to make life easier for themselves if they simply have the hustle to make themselves useful to society in an invaluable and irreplaceable way. This is why the service industry can be the trump card in an automated society.

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