The One Personality Trait You Must AVOID If You Want Success.

        In the increasingly competitive market of business, entertainment, and society in general, there are many different personality types that tend to make a name for themselves. Depending on the type of market someone may try to attract,, there’s someone for everyone if you have a skill, a dynamic personality, or can make people feel like you can be trusted or entertain them somehow. Despite all of that, there is one personality trait that a person can have that will not only slow down your momentum to success but ultimately kill it altogether. Before I tell you what this trait is, this discussion will attempt to break down as many personality traits as possible and how they can work for a person in order to succeed. Let’s start with the one everyone thinks they hate first.

If there is a personality trait people don’t want to deal with on a daily basis, it’s the negative persona. People deal with negative personas all the time whether they are narcissistic, a drama queen, a micromanager, or just plain rude. In life, you don’t want to encounter these people because they just drain the energy from the room or make the rest of the group feel uncomfortable. Negative energy personality traits will kill your chances of success, right? Wrong. Negative, mean people are successful all the time. Think about your bosses, supervisors, celebrities, and who get the girls in high school even though everyone only knows about him because his hobbies include shoving nerds into lockers. Despite all the negative energy that surrounds them, negative people actually make it in the world of business, entertainment, and with potential romantic relationships (although in this case, it’s rarely for the right reasons). This is because, in life, no one is more honest to someone than the person who hates them. The enemy doesn’t care about you so they won’t try to please you. These negative energy people may not be likable, but if they can make themselves into a necessary evil, they can help make a company successful. Think of a weapon in a fight for example. If you had to choose between a bouquet of flowers or a spiked baseball bat, anyone with common sense would apply the baseball bat because although it is ugly to look at, it is extremely effective if you want to win a fight against someone. A bouquet of flowers, although they look pretty, will probably just annoy the opponent enough to give them an extra incentive to bash your brains out. The negative personality will keep the company in line if he is in a manager position so long as he doesn’t overstep his boundary. You can’t afford to be soft in business. Women like negative asshole types sometimes because these men will actually hurt a guy who can’t take no for an answer.

Women want to feel safe and protected, and although in many cases these women are only digging themselves a deeper hole, they will go to a mean person for that protection because they can get the job done. Negative personas also make for good entertainment. Most people won’t admit it, but everyone loves a rude person on TV because they either make the show funny or give the hero archetype a reason to exist at all. If negative people didn’t make it in politics or TV, then I dare you to explain all the celebs and politicians who are making it in life despite having a personality you’d rather not be around. Negative personas are entertaining because people are fascinated with the idea of doing whatever you want without consequences or not caring about said consequences. People respect the “I don’t care what anyone thinks of me” attitude because it can be inspirational. In order to have that attitude, one must make somebody somewhere angry with them. That said, this personality type, although undesirable by many, is effective against the opposition. This conversation can now move on to another personality trait that makes it in entertainment for very obvious reasons.

If you want to keep audiences glued to you or gain trust from people in any environment, there is almost no substitute for being FUNNY. If you can make someone’s day just a little better by making them laugh, you’re winning. There isn’t one person in the world who hates comedy. Although there are many different forms of comedy, it is undeniable that humor can make an impact anywhere you go. Whether it’s an icebreaker with women, making your boss laugh at work, or just being able to hold people’s interest, humor is excellent for almost any situation. The only disadvantage that humor can have is one’s ability to consistently maintain it. If a market loses its ability to be funny and they relied on it as their trademark persona, the market will begin to drop and the customer will long for the nostalgic days when this dynamic persona was funny. That said, this conversation will shift towards a personality trait that gets shoved around as an excuse for stealing customers from another competitor’s market.

A personality or marketing strategy that gets almost instantaneous approval and revulsion from many critics is the art of sex appeal or the flirt. Many will say that sex appeal is a cheap tactic, but let’s be honest, sex appeal works although mostly in short term. No one can maintain sex appeal forever, so it is kind of a risky tactic if not applied with other talents, much like humor. Despite all these disadvantages, if a woman is smart enough to use that sex appeal persona in a Machiavellian style, she can rope in as many customers as humanly possible, save her money, enjoy life, and no longer need it when she gets too old to maintain it. Reality determines sex DOES sell, otherwise, sex work would not make so much money. It isn’t even the entertainer’s fault that the sex does sell. Without a customer to finance a market, the sex appeal gimmick would never get anyone anywhere. Successful markets have a demand. Sex appeal has a customer base willing to finance the flirty persona’s market, so if anyone ever complains about girls using sex appeal to sell anything, it should come off as no surprise that their basis is jealousy most of the time. Supply and demand is the rule with this one. If this discussion has still maintained your attention, then you will now finally find out the number one personality trait that can kill your success anywhere. If you’ve stopped paying attention, however, this trait is the reason you’ve discontinued. So without further interruption, let’s get the answers now.
              Despite the negativity, cheap tactics, or hard to maintain personality traits, any personality trait can be worked around. There is only one personality trait that no one wants around. There is a personality trait that can kill a brand faster it was made. Years of hard work in entertainment, sales, or any industry can be wiped clean if this personality trait is displayed regularly. It is utterly impossible to build a relationship of any kind with this personality trait because it is literally the antithesis of entertainment. The personality trait that can kill any interest in your brand worse than even the most self-destructive, hateful persona is the persona of being known for being BORING. Your reputation is dead anywhere in life if you’re incapable of entertaining others. Women want nothing to do with you. Whatever show you make will not have viewers. Any product, no matter how valuable it is will not be bought if the ads are painfully boring. Merit doesn’t matter if you cannot entertain people because most people have very short lives and they will not be wasting that precious time on even the most valuable product unless they absolutely need it. Boring commercials to even the highest value products will be seen as a necessary evil at best and a painful endurance test at worst. If you bore people, you will be overlooked anywhere and everywhere in life. You can be the smartest, best-looking guy in the club and still be treated like the creeper if you bore a woman. In marketing and brand making, boring kills the idea of a customer base. Most people will rather deal with something worthless but entertaining than even the most necessary things in life if those necessary things bore them. One must learn to peak the interest of others no matter how you do it. Boredom is the universal death to success.
If you bore people, it doesn’t matter if you’re nice. No one will want anything to do with you because boredom is the polar opposite of entertainment. Whatever your gimmick may be, win the crowd. Win the Crowd and win the fight. May your daydreams manifest.


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