How to Maintain Work Flow In Any Creative Project

Here’s a quick homework assignment for anyone who is struggling to write on their blog, book, or any other project. Write down no less than three ideas at the beginning of the week. Pick the one you’re most interested in and work on that for the rest of the week. Save the other Two for the following week and add one more subject to keep the list of ideas at three each week. This could also be effective for Video content as well and maintain focus on one subject per week while posting content regularly. Try it out, everyone.

For example, the first week will start like this.

  1. most interesting topic
  2. 2nd most interesting
  3. 3rd most interesting

You make the most interesting topic your priority for the week. Once you’re done, place the 2nd most interesting topic at the top of the list. Place the third most interesting topic at the 2nd place line and fill the 3rd place line with a new topic. It should look like this next week.

  1. 2nd most interesting (becomes new most interesting)
  2. 3rd most interesting (becomes new 2nd)
  3. new topic (becomes new 3rd)

It may or may not work for everyone, but the advantage I see in this method is that you always have something to write or make video content about. You can feel free to comment on this post how you’d like or add what works for you. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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