Basic Salesman Strategy: The Free Trial/Sample

For anyone who is either just starting out or establishing a business or sales pitch, there are many options that can give customers an incentive to follow your blog, network, or store. The amount of options to gain customer interest is endless, but this post is going to discuss one of the most basic yet effective methods of selling yourself to the general public at large. This method has been tried and proven to gain the interest of potential followings since it’s inception. This is called the free sample.

One may ask what makes giving something away such an effective marketing strategy when all you do is lose something? The answer to this question is rather simple. Free samples give the potential customer a glimpse into what your product or service has to offer. Free samples are a gateway between you and customer interest. If you tried to sell something to a person who originally has no interest in buying anything, what will gain their interest? If they were able to see a free sampling of said product or a trial version, they would essentially get an idea of what they were in for without losing much time or effort, thereby making a decision based on their experience with the free version of said product or service.


The goal behind the free trial or free sample is to get customers wanting more of the product or service that the marketer is selling them. A free trial will give customers the ability to use the product or service at no cost to them, but the marketer makes sure that the trial is limited in certain features, functions, or the amount of time one is allowed to use said product or service. While many may think this is shady or underhanded, giving out a free trial period or sample IS legitimate marketing. The company or salesman must make money if their business is to survive. The free sample or trial should only be enough to give customers the chance to make a decision on whether they want the full product or not.

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