Political Correctness is Not Common Decency

In an ever-changing world, there is no mistaking that humans have developed a habit of being more distant and less trusting of one another due to many factors. Knowing this, there have been efforts to make people kinder, caring, and more involved in their local community. One such effort to police the behavior of society at large in an attempt to create better-behaved citizens is political correctness. Political correctness is nothing new as it has been around for years inching its way towards becoming a dominating cultural norm in society. The question is not whether it is being accepted by society because one can plainly see that it is already in our media and has changed the way people speak, act and think in many areas across the United States and beyond. The question is, is it effective?

Some will argue that it has been effective because there are laws in place that ban discrimination on the grounds of race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation in place. The problem that is repeatedly demonstrated with such policies in place is that the government and political elitists are trying to legislate manners. This is utterly impossible. There are no effective means by which one can force people to be better at the edge of a gun or with the threat of losing one’s livelihood. Political correctness attempts to make people think differently by ruining their lives if the person refuses to abide by their laws. While there should be consequences for actions that infringe on the freedoms of your fellow man, forcing others to think a certain way usually tends to have the opposite effect. Decency cannot be legislated. It can only be taught within the family unit by one’s parents or guardian.

Decency, unlike political correctness, doesn’t teach you what you can and cannot think or feel. Decency teaches a person how to be kinder to others. Decency helps people understand one another in a calm, rational way. Basic decency helps build strong communities through shared bonds, traditions, and interests. Basic decency is the most effective form of interaction in our society because, without it, the human race would’ve gone extinct centuries ago. There’s generally nothing wrong with being nice to one another.

Political correctness, however, teaches people how to play tattle tale on anyone they don’t like. How many times has someone used political correctness to get someone fired or forced someone to apologize for something no one in their right mind should even be remotely sorry for? Political correctness is the idea that people can change another person’s behavior by threatening their existence. There’s nothing decent about that. Political correctness also changes how companies work despite proven evidence that political correctness has caused companies to lose profits or go under.┬áPolitical correctness attempts to replace cultural norms with its own ideology in every facet of life whether it is business, entertainment, or social interaction. The worst part about PC culture is that the rules change whenever the busybodies who sing its praises feel threatened by opinions they disagree with. People who treat each other with decency may not agree on everything, but they will not try to censor the opinion of those they disagree with. Politically correct individuals often come off as being the nastiest people in any argument or debate most of the time if one were to watch carefully whether it is seen on the internet or in a face to face confrontation because they mostly speak from emotion as opposed to reason. Political correctness is the attempt to shut down all diversity of thought.

In conclusion, political correctness is not human decency. Decency is natural among humans in order to establish safe, respectful bonds within their community. Decency and good behavior are why social animals like humans can remain in large packs, tribes, and civilizations without infringing on one another’s free will. Political correctness can never substitute decency because legislating behavior is literally impossible on a large scale. While society does attempt to curb crime and mean-spirited actions, it cannot take away the freedom to think and feel however one chooses. That is for the individual to decide in a free country.

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