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The world of big business is an ultra-competitive, winner take all world with little to no sympathy for their competition. There have been countless stories of business owners starting out with nothing to becoming billionaires due to hard work and taking necessary risks to accomplish goals. Whatever their business model may be, the company in question is almost undoubtedly successful due to free market capitalism’s ability to let the company make profits ethically. If capitalism is what helps the company succeed to the point of achieving billionaire status, then the question for the reader that must be asked is why had there been a sudden trend in high stakes companies advocating left-wing policies, trends, and business models? Liberalism has repeatedly solidified a reputation for killing businesses worldwide due to hardcore censorship and injecting their politics into every aspect of company policy. This post will attempt to answer this question by discussing three possible reasons big companies like to advocate liberal ideology despite the possibility of losing profits. The first possibility of discussion is virtue signaling.


If one has been aware of current events in recent years, it seems that almost every public figure has to make a mission out of telling the public how much they care about the poor, minorities, women, and other marginalized groups. Public figures do this to make themselves look good in the public eye. This is called the practice of virtue signaling. It’s nothing but lip service to marginalized groups in order to gain their approval, votes, money, or some other form of personal gain the individual or company can gain from the aforementioned groups. If one were to observe the daily lives of celebrities, social groups, or corporations that utilize virtue signaling as a sales pitch, one would soon realize they’re mostly hypocrites. They rarely ever practice what they preach to the general public but expect the public to do as they say. Companies practice virtue signaling on a regular basis when they hire based on diversity quotas as opposed to merit. Other examples of business practices that are nothing more than virtue signaling in the workplace include diversity hiring, sexual harassment and diversity policies, creating fundraisers and scholarships for minorities, and generally policing any behavior that doesn’t fit with the cultural norm of the workplace. This effectively makes the workplace less inclusive of diversity of thought. Virtue signaling never works in practice, but it does make the person doing it feel better about themselves whether they care about the causes or not. Since this reason has been discussed in detail, the next step that can be taken is to discuss another possible reason for big companies advocating left-wing policies. This topic will move towards the possibility of blackmail or someone in a higher position having dirt on the CEOs of the company in question.

In big business, blackmail is effective although an illegal method of getting the competition to do what the blackmailer wants them to do. With the rise in scandals that follow people in positions of power, is it any surprise that they may be getting blackmailed? Why else would a successful company want to lose profits by advocating social justice? Every brand that left-wing politics has touched ends up turning into something no one wants. Customers lose interest and profits go down. Is the possibility of the company owner being blackmailed by an entity that has information which can damage their reputation really so far-fetched when one considers the damage social justice has repeatedly done to once successful companies? One would think not when considering why anyone would want to utilize business practices which cause more harm than good. If this is not the answer then there is only one more conclusion as to why a large corporation built through capitalism would want socialism and it is far more sinister than the other two possibilities mentioned above.

The third possible reason and by far the worst one is very simple. The companies advocate left-wing politics because they don’t want competition. In a free market society which values individual rights and freedoms, everyone has the possibility of becoming a successful entrepreneur. There is the possibility of competition and innovation in a free society. In a socialist, left-wing society, everyone loses. One can only receive what the government is willing to give them. Free market capitalism is discouraged. The people are heavily taxed. There is no innovation in a society where no one can earn anything. That is why every ultra left-wing country in Latin America and beyond is technologically behind all the societies that encourage capitalism. If free market capitalism is eliminated and these big corporations already have all the profits they will ever need, it ultimately gives them all the power over others. They are left unscathed by the policies of left-wing governments and remain in power once all competition ceases to exist.

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