A YouTube Story: How a Company Creates Its Own Competition

The day has come. YouTube has made it known where they stand as a company. They are no longer about the little people who have made it the platform that it is today. YouTube has decided that it will start endorsing mainstream media in its platform. What does this mean exactly? It means that content creators who made YouTube what it has become were essentially stabbed in the back by the CEO when she backed a decision to endorse and financially back the mainstream media. From now on, there will be mainstream media news outlets all over YouTube despite the fact that the reason YouTube became as popular as it is today was to get away from mainstream media in the first place. YouTube has forgotten its core audience. YouTube is now in a stage of decay as a company since they want to become the new TV. This is how you create your competition in the free market.

I used to ignore it when people said the TV rots your brains, but as I grow up, it becomes truer every single day. I can count every show I watch on one hand. This is exactly why people would rather be on YouTube or other creative content platforms. YouTube’s new policies are killing the brand.

It starts to make people realize that although the platform is big now, it will continue to fall hard. The common man doesn’t care to be told what they want to watch by a mainstream media that doesn’t care about their tastes. At this rate, companies like Twitch or Bitchute will slowly take over. It’s clear now that YouTube no longer has any interest in its own fanbase.

This is exactly what I meant when I previously discussed the three phases of a company or platform. There will first be innovation/creation. Second, the company will be in a competitive phase with other new platforms using a similar blueprint. Finally, the platform will stagnate, create new restrictions or changes that kill the brand, and shut down. I may not be a fortune teller, but it’s not hard to tell when something is going to change. Unless they change their attitude towards their fanbase, YouTube is on its way out. The way YouTube is currently doing business is how you create your own competition in the free market.

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