3 Networking Strategies to Start Growing Your Platform


If one wishes to make it in the online market, they’re going to have to understand that networking or a lack of networking can make or break your business goals before you even get started. If the right relationships are built, half of the work can already be done before a product or service is even launched. Knowing this, where does a hopeful entrepreneur even begin searching for networks? How does one get started? This is where the topic of discussion will direct the conversation.


Build Your Social Media Before Launching Your Product

One of the first things anyone hoping to create an online network of like-minded individuals should do is to start creating social media profiles and email lists before your product, book, or service launches. When you have the social media networks already in place, it’s far easier to push out your product. Having an email list ready will make it easier to spread your message to those who wish to learn more about what you have to offer. It never hurts to plan ahead when it comes to networking. It’s certainly better than building social media after the product or service has been rendered.


Get Involved in Various Outlets

If there’s anything common sense should’ve told you, it’s that in order to be able to build a network, you’re going to have to communicate. A lot. When you’re on Twitter, Facebook, or any platform, you will need to engage in groups and forums that cater to your specific niche. Try to build relationships through casual conversation, shared interests, and the sharing of ideas. Nothing says networking like being a team player. Consistent participation in various social media outlets will gain a response. You can’t play the numbers game because you never get the kind of audience or network you want to build if you’re just looking to increase your numbers. If you can tweet more than once a day, do it. If you can drop an email every single day on the email list, do so. There is no reason you shouldn’t be communicating. You get what you give.


Stay Within Your Niche

This one may be temporary depending on how much you grow, but you want to remain in a niche market because you will be able to build a platform on that. If you spread yourself too thin and try to branch out to several different projects, you will never have time to recharge. You will never be good at anything in particular because you’re trying too hard to multitask. Pick one thing, find like-minded individuals to build your network with, and work on that purpose as your mission and vision. Results may vary, but genuine growth will come to your platform sooner or later. Don’t try to do something simply because it’s trendy now. It’s best to stick to what you know while remaining relevant. Building a specific fanbase and network inspires loyalty to a brand. Loyalty from a few dedicated fans and networks builds a much more involved experience than simply playing a numbers game, so keep that in mind when building an online network.

In conclusion, building a proper online network starts with building a dedicated network for a specific niche or purpose, building your online presence before your product or service is launched, and getting involved in various outlets to build your networks and audience. Starting out with the mindset of building relationships as opposed to getting numbers is a long-term game, but it is arguably the most effective. Commitment to building a strong network will spread news of your platform much quicker than thinking only of yourself and the bottom line. As said before, you get what you give. So give as much as you can to make greater connections.


Until the next daydream……..

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