When Is The Right Time To Start Your Projects/Goals?




The importance of goal setting has never been greater than it is now in this uncertain time. Opportunities are always there for those who seek it. The question one would ask if observing the world around them is why large portions of the population never seem to accomplish their goals? Why do they often find themselves settling for less than what they truly want? Many will find themselves conforming to other people’s ideas instead of seeking out their own due to immediate comfort. They are afraid of risking everything to accomplish long-term goals.

While there are always a number of reasons people do not accomplish their goals, there has always been one that sticks out the most. There has never been a greater excuse to procrastinate than one statement that shuts down all conversation. This has been the phrase the vast majority of people who don’t accomplish any goals use when asked why. It would be hard to find someone who’s never heard the number one excuse not to go do the things they wish they wanted to do but just somehow never get around to it. When someone wants to give an excuse without going any deeper into a conversation, they immediately use the excuse of the time not being right.  The question to ask now is when is the right time to start accomplishing your goals? A person could list a number of reasons why they don’t have time to do the things they truly wish to do like their job, house, kids, bills, or any other issue life throws their way. They will tell you they would do it if they had the time or if the time was right. When is THAT time?

The truth is simple. If you’re asking yourself when the right time to start working on your dreams and goals is, the answer is never. There is no such thing as a right time for anything in the world worth accomplishing. You’re either going to make the necessary sacrifices or you won’t. It has never been simpler than that. When you will accomplish whatever goal you want will completely depend on what you’re willing to do for the dream. Are you willing to sacrifice the time spent with friends and family for those goals? Are you willing to work on your projects before or after work? Are you willing to work nights and weekends to see the goal through?

The trick to gaining enough time to accomplish a goal isn’t about finding the right time. You have to make the time for it. No one hands you the time to do the things you want. For instance, if I wanted to write a blog post and I have the means to do it, I will take a period of time during my lunch or breaks to write what I can before saving my project and returning to it when I get another opportunity. Where there are no opportunities given to you, you’ll have to make them. If I needed to make videos, I would put aside some time for the videos instead of figuring out a bunch of reason why I can’t do it. That is called sacrifice. No matter who you are, you will be willing to sacrifice time in a day to do the things you want no matter what. What you spend your time doing will become your habit. Your habit will become your destiny. That said, think wisely before you make a decision to do anything. Think about what you really want in life and what you’re willing to sacrifice to make it happen. Once you know what you want, act. There is no other option. You’re not going to be good at it at first, but you have to start acting on your goals or you’ll never get started. You’ll see yourself putting it off until the next day and repeating that until you’re 40 and haven’t accomplished anything. That’s just something to think about.

Until the next daydream……..

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