Info Wars Ban: What This Really Means For the Internet

In recent news, Alex Jones, the face of InfoWars has been blacklisted and banned from multiple websites, had his pages removed, and cannot run his website effectively almost anywhere on the internet. Alex Jones has made a name for himself as a conspiracy theorist who often discusses various topics in a loud, aggressive tone that draws attention towards himself and the show. That said, let’s be honest. He’s one of the least offensive people on the internet by far. The only reason his show even garners fame is because the man has been on the air discussing politics and conspiracy theories as long as most of us had even been alive. He doesn’t get the viewership he used to and InfoWars isn’t a threat to society, so what is the real reason for the sudden purge from every single platform?

If one were to look with a critical view as to why InfoWars was banned from multiple sites came about so quickly, they would know that this was done intentionally. This wasn’t a ban because he broke terms of service violations. Alex Jones was purged from the internet because he was considered a loud and aggressive target that multiple people didn’t like. This was a message sent to the American people that censorship was alive and well on the internet. If you think this isn’t going to happen to anyone else, you’re not paying attention to how these large internet platforms work,

You don’t even need to be a conspiracy theorist, right winger, or even aware of what’s going on with Silicon Valley to know that everything being written here is as obvious as the sky is blue on a sunny day. The reality is simple. This isn’t the end. This is the beginning of the new internet as we know it. Little by little, you will only be able to see the side of the story they want you to see and not much else. YouTube and Facebook have been removing channels for years claiming they’ve violated their extremely vague terms of service with little to no explanation as to what terms they’ve broken. Censorship isn’t hiding. They’re not ashamed anymore. The companies that run these platforms want to make sure that people are aware that they control the platform.

The irony of this is that whenever they push for censorship, new platforms grow. Bitchute and Gab are prime examples of ehat happens when larger platforms decide to make the internet less free. Pro censorship websites create their own competition. When a platform has gotten to the point where their reputation goes from being for the consumer to being pro establishment media, people migrate to more pro freedom based sites. They tend to want nothing to do with a site that will only promote one side to the story. People love to learn new things. It’s human nature to discover new frontiers of knowledge or explore the other side of the argument. Although censorship is strong now, this is the beginning of the end for pro establishment media. The natural thirst for knowledge will eventually take over.

If you learn nothing else from this post, just know that this is only the beginning of internet censorship. You will see channels and platforms disappearing entirely due to not kowtowing to the establishment media’s perspective on current events. This is a purge. Be mindful of what you do and say on the internet because it can cost you. To know who has power over you, you must know who you’re not allowed to criticize.

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