Repetition is Necessitity

Are we at a point in human history where we may have done it all? Why are there so many businesses for one idea or another if those ideas have a platform already? Can anything be invented anymore? In today’s world, there seem to be an endless array of authors, fitness coaches, financial advisors, and so on. If all these different business models have been done before, why is there still a need for even more of them? Why do people continue to set up shop with yet more of the same? Why do ideas get repeated, recycled, and rehashed?

If one is to ask these questions in a society where a new person is born each minute, then they may as well be asking you why anyone does anything at all. With the amount of new people being born every minute, there’s always a potential customer. There are people who’ve never read certain books, received advice on certain subjects, or tried the things you may have tried. Learning how to read, write, kiss, talk, and just about any other thing one can think of has already been taught, but since there are people that still need to learn these things, there’s always going to be a demand for the information. Someone somewhere hasn’t been taught a certain thing or may need a refresher, which brings this topic to the next point.

Repeating an idea for a brand new audience is fine, but what about people who may have already done something before? There’s always room for repetition. Why bother teaching something at all to someone who has already learned it? There’s this funny little thing people tend to do. It’s called forgetting. Humans can only keep so much information in their heads that things need to be written down, processed, and practiced repeatedly. That is how information is stored and kept. People will constantly go back and try the methods they know work since that information is necessary to keep society running. Humans are a ridiculously forgetful species when it comes to processing information. One must never underestimate the axiom of “practice makes perfect” when it comes to getting things done.

People like to pretend they know it all, but sometimes, a little repetition never hurt anyone. All the stories that have been told have already been told, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be told again with different characters or settings. Every idea has probably already been tested and tried, but there’s always another person willing to listen if you know how to get their attention. Learn to appreciate repetition instead of complaining about it. One day in your own life, you may need to do something you forgot all about. There’s always a time to draw positive energy from lessons from the past.

Until the next daydream……..

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