What the Backlash against Ruby Rose Teaches Us

By the time this post gets published, the story would’ve already been old news and no one will be paying attention to it. The reason I choose to write it anyway has little to do with staying relevant and more to do with a lesson to take from this particular story. No matter how old a story gets, it can still teach people a lesson they would not soon forget if they knew what to look for. What can the negative backlash against Ruby Rose teach any readers here in the daydream?

First, the backlash against Ruby Rose teaches the public that people or groups who claim to support you and your dreams can and will turn on you if you actually reach success through your own merits. The audience that gave Ruby Rose the negative feedback wasn’t a bunch of right-wing misogynists who hate lesbians. While there were a few of those individuals despising the fact that Ruby Rose got the role, they were not the majority by a long shot. The vast majority of the people who wanted to boycott Ruby Rose as Batwoman were left-wing, pro-gay activists whose reason for their reaction was because she wasn’t “gay enough” for the role. They despised the fact that a gender fluid white woman played as a Jewish, lesbian superhero. These hypocrites didn’t care whenever black actors would play as white comic book characters because it fits their agenda. A YouTuber by the name of Turd Flinging Monkey has another theory behind this leftist backlash that can be seen on this video for those who are not easily offended. To summarize what he says, all you need to do is remember this phrase to understand why they likely hate Ruby Rose’s casting:

“If men are attracted to the person. It’s sexual objectification. If men are disgusted by her, it’s considered empowerment.” -Turd Flinging Monkey

They hate it when anyone who is attractive lands a lesbian role of any kind because there are certain groups in America and beyond whose only purpose in life is to turn everything ugly. They are ugly on the inside and therefore wish to transform the world in order to relate to their lack of a soul. That point brings me to the other point Ruby Rose’s unfortunate situation brings up.

The backlash against Ruby Rose reminds us how petty a human being can be whenever they look for something to be offended about. If you search for something hard enough you will find it no matter what it is. Ruby’s critics were miserable but couldn’t find anything worth being miserable about. Instead of choosing to look for the good in life, they decided to make an issue out of something that wasn’t an issue for anyone else except the easily offended. Their purpose is to find something to be outraged about and drag it out so that they can get as large a crowd as possible for their pity party. If it were up to these malcontents, nothing would ever be written, produced, or created. This is the result of giving people who lack creative will the ability to ruin the lives of someone who has creative energy. What can someone do against mobs who wish to destroy someone’s career over petty grievances?

The best thing any one of us can do is to stay away from these people as much as humanly possible. If one cannot avoid the backlash of the perpetually butthurt, then one must fight them openly. You must let them know they don’t matter by living your best life possible. Apologizing never works. Running away never works. For creative minds to continue to flourish in times like these, standing up to authoritarians may become one’s last choice or all creativity may soon be reduced to remnants of memory.

Until the next daydream……..

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