A Moment (Short Story)


Lila sat alone on the sidewalk, crying softly to herself. The realization that her relationship was based on a lie was still fresh in her mind. Catching her fiance in bed with her sister ate away at her soul like a parasite. Lila was faithful. Lila was warm, kind, and appreciative. Lila devoted herself to him but was thrown out her own house for her trouble. Her Fiance also went through the trouble of making sure she was fired from her job to drive the point home.

In less than a week, Lila went from a devoted wife with a steady career and the possibility of a real future to a homeless woman sitting on the sidewalk with nowhere to go. Nowhere was safe. Lila understood her situation yet did not understand why she deserved it. The night enveloped itself around her refusing to allow any light to touch Lila’s broken form. She was still as young and beautiful as anyone could remember, but her mind was fragmented. Lila was alert to every sound, every figure, and every sense of motion that surrounded her. She couldn’t afford to let down her guard in the concrete jungle that was Chicago. One mistake was all it took to cost one their life here. One error in judgment made the difference between life and death. Lila needed to continue movement or someone would spot her. Lila got up and kept walking, reminding herself to stay out of sight.

Until the next daydream……..

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  1. Pretty sad, poor Lila. Makes you think about how fragile the lives we have established are. The majority of us are only a paycheck or two away from the streets at all times. Its scary man.

    Great post! I loved it

    1. Yes, we cant take a moment for granted. Every second can either propel you to greatness or stop you dead in your tracks. Im glad you were able to see what i was trying to put forward.

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