Gravity (One Paragraph Story)



…………….As he felt himself falling, Juan’s body felt nothing. It was almost like he was free as he continued to fall closer & closer to the earth. Juan had never felt as open and naked as he felt in this moment. He embraced his submission to gravity. There was nothing but pure humility. Juan felt no embarrassment, no humiliation. There was no one to impress. He no longer felt obligated to anything except the pull of gravity as he descended towards the earth. The shapes of the landscape became clearer as Juan approached the earth at an indescribable speed. He accepted the fate laid out before him as he fell from the heavens. This was enlightenment. Never was there a moment where he felt the need to apologize. Falling towards the possibility of death made him feel more alive than he had ever felt at any other moment. He met risk with open arms. Juan then pulled the cord and his parachute opened, concluding the episode in life where nothing mattered but the moment itself…………..

Until the next daydream……..

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