The Absence of Relation (Chapter 1)

The sun’s early rise took him by surprise. He simply wondered why he was still alive at this point. After what he had been through, he should’ve have been dead. He got up and started to walk. The land around him was covered in dust and ash. The remains of a city lay before him, wasted, and ruined by the fallout after the conflict of nations. He walked in solitude as the blackened dust flew through the air. Corpses of the people who used to inhabit this city laid before him, decorating the streets as he struggled to walk. He yelled for help. He had hoped someone would hear him. No response came. As he walked along the broken path, he noticed the remains of what, a few minutes ago, was the park in the city’s square. The rising light of the sun seemed to be a faint glimmer of hope in the empty city as he seemed to walk towards it on the open road.  He never looked directly at the sun itself but used its light as a guide as he walked. He had no destination but knew he had to keep walking. If he stopped, nothing would change. There would be no chance of survival.

Every step took its toll on his body as he dragged himself along the empty, broken pavement of the city’s streets. He thought he was lucky simply to be alive, if even for a moment to witness what happened after the explosion. His vision started to fade. His mind went in all directions, worrying about every possibility of danger known to man. He looked around to make sure there was no present danger. He could smell the death and desolation everywhere he walked, the rotting flesh making every breath he took less pleasurable.

He didn’t quite know where he was going, but he knew that he could not stay where he was. The feeling of continuous movement drove him further along the road. For every mile he walked, there was not a sign of life. Not one plant, animal, or person. He was alone, his thoughts being his only company. How has no one else survived? Is there anyone here? Anyone who could help me? His despair was accompanied with melancholy as the surrounding environment simply seemed to collapse, losing all signs of vision and hope.

His breathing became more difficult as he continued to walk.  He became thirsty. His mouth and throat had felt dry. His energy was diminishing but he went on, attempting to regain strength. He then saw a water fountain. His thirst had grown strong. The chance of the water being contaminated was too high, but his choices were far and few. He would either drink from it and risk death or die of thirst. Either way, he would be dead. He pressed the button and saw that the water was clear. It was a miracle to see clean water after the explosion, but his thirst gave him no time to think about it. The water’s freshness seemed to revitalize his senses as he took a breath of relief.

In a moment of comfort, he decided he deserved a rest. He found himself a bathroom in the park that was open. The heat was still on in the bathroom and he was able to sleep easily for now………….

Until the next daydream……..

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