Calm Within the Storm (Short Story Teaser)

Charlie looked outside the window as the rain poured down hard on the streets of Manhattan. The window’s light was all that kept the room illuminated while he let his mind wander. Charlie sipped his whiskey as the rain beat down hard on everyone walking the endless blocks of the city with a merciless rage only nature itself was capable of. The dark grey sky gave Times Square the look of a city on its way towards decay. New York was never more depressing to look at in Charlie’s eyes. Despite the images of people in constant movement, Charlie had never once in his life seen Manhattan appear so lifeless. It was as though the city itself had become depressed. Looking outside the window almost gave Charlie a tinge of melancholy.

A young couple walked happily underneath the umbrella the man was holding. Charlie couldn’t see their faces since his apartment was so high above the ground floor, but something in their movement told him they were happy with their ignorant bliss despite the rain beating them down. If they only knew what was in store for them. If only New York knew of the danger that was ready to cross its borders. Charlie knew what was coming. He knew what was in store for the United States. What bothered him was the fact that he was unable to tell a soul. No one would believe him.

                               “Does it really matter?” Charlie thought to himself understanding how the full military might of the United States would be powerless to stop what was coming their way. He knew their efforts would be wasted. The fact that he knew was killing him. Charlie was the only person who could stop this. He was the only one who knew how. The only problem was that Charlie, despite all his virtuous traits, was a coward. Today, knowing what would transpire in but a few short hours, Charlie was undeniably terrified……..

Until the next daydream……..

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