Silent Market


The market square felt like a ghost town as Ross walked through it. He couldn’t find Rebecca anywhere. The empty square’s silence heightened Ross’s sense of fear, mistrust, and readiness as he continued to move forward. Ross mentally scanned every building, every window, every tree, and anywhere where someone could hide and possibly get the jump on him. Ross wasn’t known for being a brawler, but he wasn’t afraid to fight if he needed to. He had to be ready now as he continued his search for Rebecca. Ross knew that the silence was only the calm before the storm as he gripped the blood-stained baseball bat in his hand for dear life.

The setting sun gave the silent market square an appearance of malice that was never seen in all of the years Ross had lived in town. It was no longer the town he grew up in. The brown and yellow leaves scattered across the floor gave away the indication of autumn as the sunset’s fading light touched the farther end of the square. Ross gave himself permission to bask in the beauty of the only home he had ever known. For a brief moment, Ross pictured his friends and family. He let the thoughts of his recent high school graduation and parties with his friends roll through his head with fondness in his heart. He remembered his mother and father, his friends, and finally, Rebecca.

Ross then remembered every death he had witnessed soon after Mayor MacFarlane released the penitentiary’s most violent convicts into the town, allowing them to essentially turn this once peaceful small town into a violent wasteland of death and silence. He heard the screams of every man and boy murdered, every woman and girl raped, and every person robbed then killed in his head. Ross wanted to do nothing more than scream, but he had to keep his mouth shut and focus on finding Rebecca before Tremor and his thugs did. If Tremor found her before Ross did, she would be raped to death, eaten, and her skin would be worn as a coat. It would be done in that order. Ross continued forward, scanning every house and shop he walked past.

Ross caught sight of a heavyset man with MS-13 tattoos all over his body under a wife beater. The man had not seen Ross as his back was turned while he smoked marijuana over the fountain in the center of town. Ross walked stealthily towards him, making sure not to step on any leaves or debris in the process. Ross could tell by his uncontrolled swaying back and forth that the man was likely high and drunk. Ross gripped the ugly bat’s handle as he proceeded slowly towards the man. Killing him would be easy if Ross wasn’t discovered. Ross crept closer and closer until he was able to smell the marijuana smoke and then struck the man violently on the side of his head. The gang member fell on his left side giving Ross an opportunity to take the switchblade from his pocket, grab him from behind, and finally cut the man’s throat. Ross watched him bleed out and took the man’s revolver shortly afterward.

Ross looked at the lifeless body in the fountain knowing this was far from the last of the convicts who’ve overrun the town. He continued to search the shops in the square hoping that there was something that could indicate Rebecca’s whereabouts. Nothing of importance was found. Of all the stores that were ransacked, none had given him any indication of her presence. When Ross confirmed that he had searched every corner of the market square, he moved on and started to walk towards the other side of town as the sun’s fading light caressed the road ahead of him……….


Until the next daydream……..

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