“Recluse Within” (A Poem)


Within a faint light,

A lone figure lives without

Fear of critical eyes.


Pleasure deriving from solitude,

The only company to keep is one’s thoughts within.

No need to converse, no want for the dreams of another.

Shame, a memory far too distant to recall,

For one feels naught but joy where no eyes shall lay.


Living within the dreams of the quiet,

Solace only from the candle’s faint glimmer.

None are harmed. None are forgotten.

A world apart from mankind,

Peaceful visions no other eyes shall witness.

Language need not be remembered,

Policy and conduct unnecessary in the darkness

Of freedom in silence.


Until the next daydream……..

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  1. This was really sweet to listen to. I’ve never properly read or understood poetry so I shall be looking out for your future poems to explore this type of writing some more. Keep it up!

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