Cat & Mouse (Short Story)




Adam had the boy in his sights. The boy was no more than maybe five or six years old. He had black hair, hazel green eyes, a parted mushroom styled haircut, and light skin. Adam became aroused at the sight of the boy’s features. Adam had to have him. The boy walked along the dirt road of the park seemingly unaware that someone was watching. It was strange to see a boy so young out in the park by himself this late at night. Despite that, Adam had to satiate his sexual desire.

Adam moved slowly and deliberately towards the young boy. He was careful not to be seen or heard. Any mistake would alarm the child and would probably frighten him enough to leave. Adam couldn’t afford that if he wanted to satiate his need. It had been over a month since he tasted the flesh of a child. Adam felt his lust growing as he used the shadows within the park to mask himself from the boy’s view. Adam moved silently yet with efficient speed towards the boy, inching closer to his back. The boy walked along the park unaware of the predator’s presence.

Adam’s arousal started to almost possess him. He was anxious to capture the young boy at any cost. He stopped thinking and went with his instinct alone as he had done many times. Adam knew how to capture his prey without getting caught. He knew what it took to cover his tracks. Adam was patient. He would stalk the same area for weeks on end. Adam would deliberately monitor the habits, movement, locations, and associations of his selected target.

His last victim, a girl of only seventeen years of age, was far more difficult to capture than this boy had proven to be. Adam remembered fondly the challenge of being able to finally isolate her after waiting over a year for her to be alone in an unsecure location. The girl’s name was Ashleigh Winters. Ashleigh’s family moved in across the street from his home over a year ago. The moment he laid eyes upon her, Adam knew she would be his next prize. His next conquest. She was a band geek at her local high school and a bit of a loner. He remembered her petite frame, her light brown hair, and her thick framed glasses. Everything about this girl made her the perfect victim. She had few friends, so she rarely went outside after school which made getting to her more difficult. Adam could’ve captured other girls at the time. There were plenty available, but he needed to have Ashleigh. Ashleigh had three places she would go as part of her weekly routine.

Ashleigh would first go to school. It was difficult to track her whereabouts at first because getting inside the school wasn’t an easy task. Adam had to monitor the routine of the guards for two months before he knew the pattern by heart. He would usually enter the school grounds early in the morning unnoticed. Luckily for him, the school was only one floor high and had very relaxed standards of security in general. There were no cameras, the doors to the entrances including the back entrances were usually unlocked during school hours, and Adam was able to walk around almost completely unnoticed since he stole a janitor’s outfit one day. Adam kept every class Ashleigh attended, her whereabouts during lunch hours, habits, and friends committed to memory. Adam knew she was an honor roll student with aspirations to attend Branford University in the East Coast once she graduated. He was able to break into several offices where they kept her file, but it took him months to figure out when. Time was non-existent as far as Adam was concerned. Ashleigh would be his no matter what.

The second place Ashleigh would go to was home. She remained home most of the day due to her hatred of the outside. She liked being by herself as often as possible, but her home was well secured. Adam got to know her parents very well by pretending to be a thoughtful neighbor. He got along with them so well he would come over occasionally to hang out with Ashleigh’s father. This gave Adam the opportunity to get to know the structure of the building very well. He knew Ashleigh’s room was upstairs in an impossible to climb area of the house. The way the house was built, Adam was not able to climb to her room to begin with. He would still look at her window through his binoculars across the street. He would watch her undress ever single night. Her small body made him want her even more. Unfortunately for him, her home was not the ideal place to capture his prey.

There was one location Ashleigh frequented which was extremely exploitable for Adam. Ashleigh would go to the town’s public library every evening before she arrived home. It was her home away from home. This was Adam’s chance. On the night he made his move, Adam saw her reading in the back of the library out of sight from the librarians or security. Ashleigh was so wrapped up in her book she didn’t see Adam creeping behind the shelves as her back was turned. Adam remembered the fear on her face when he put his hand over her mouth, dragged her to the broom closet and mounted her. Watching her cry and whimper as he thrusted in and out of her aroused him even more. Adam relished his prize in every moment. Every thrust was his exclamation point towards victory. Adam ravaged the poor girl’s body and was able to dispose of her in the river. By the time the authorities found her, she was too badly decomposed to even be recognized.

Adam’s focus now lay on the young boy in front of him. He would use the boy the way he used Ashleigh. Adam crept slowly as the boy suddenly stopped to tie his shoe. This was Adam’s one shot to get the drop on the unsuspecting prey. He crept slowly towards the boy. Closer. Closer. Almost there. Adam lunged at the boy as soon as he was within arms’ reach. Adam kept his hand over the boy’s mouth as he dragged him. This was his moment. The prize was his to take. Adam was on top of the boy, ready to mount him. Adam used one hand to pin down the helpless child as he kept trying to resist. The arousal in Adam’s loins were now uncontrollable. He started to undo his own pants with his free hand. Adam’s erection was waiting to burst from his pants. As he looked down towards his new prize, Adam felt the boy’s resistance stop. He looked down to see what looked like a smile on the boy’s face and suddenly felt a stab at his leg. In what felt like seconds, Adam tipped over and fell on his side. Adam was out cold.

When he came to, Adam quickly realized he was still in the park. It was still night out. He saw the young boy in front of him. Adam attempted to lunge but noticed he was restrained. Adam quickly found that he was tied to a tree. His arms were wrapped behind him around the tree as he was seated on the dirt floor. The boy’s expression was emotionless. It was the cold expression of one who knew exactly what had transpired from the moment Adam lunged at him until now. The boy came closer to Adam and started to look up and down the man’s body as if he were examining him, then turned around looking behind him.

From out the shadows of the trees emerged a well-dressed gentleman who walked towards the boy. The man was Caucasian, tall, grey haired, and looked to be in good physical shape. The man patted the boy on the head and looked in Adam’s direction up and down, giving him the same cross examination as the boy did earlier. He then looked to the boy and handed him an unknown object.  The boy nodded his head and looked Adam straight in the eye.

“I must commend you on a job well done, young Rathaman. You’ve proven your dedication to your training. You’ve exceeded my expectations. This is the type of discipline that will be required in the future when you are older. For now, I will allow you to be proud of your work,” the man said to the boy. “The ironic beauty of this is the fact that this pedophile really thought he was stalking you when, in fact, we knew how to find him. Be proud, Rathaman. You’ve successfully detained your first target. You completed this mission alone. Now, do the honors and eliminate the target. Don’t hesitate. Show no mercy. Finish your assignment, Rathaman.”

Adam witnessed as Rathaman looked towards the man and bowed his head. Rathaman then revealed the object in his hand. The object was a small knife. Rathaman looked into Adam’s eyes. The hazel-green eyes of the boy were lifeless. There was nothing in his face that expressed anything that looked like an emotion. Adam was scared. Adam had never felt this type of fear in his life. He was truly vulnerable for the first time ever. He had never known the feeling of being someone else’s prey. Adam started to feel his pants go wet as he lost control of his bladder. The sweat rolled down his head, hitting Adam in the eye. It burned.

Adam barely saw the lightning quick movement of Rathaman’s hand swing to the opposite direction on an arc. He did, however, feel the sting of his throat being slashed. Adam felt the blood rush down his neck as he started to choke. Adam gargled as he witnessed Rathaman wipe the blood off his knife with Adam’s shirt before Adam finally felt his own life fading. This was the last cat and mouse game Adam would ever play and he knew it.


Until the next daydream……..

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