Careful What You Wish For (Excerpt)


Carlos stared up at the ceiling fan with his back to the bed. He felt the air touch his face as though it were a tender kiss. Carlos let fantasy take over his mind, imagining a beautiful woman crawling to him, her eyes filled with lust and worship for him. He imagined her undressing in front of him. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse, exaggerating the movement in a seductive retain his undivided attention. Carlos enjoyed the little show she was putting on for him. He felt powerful. Godlike. She was his to use and abuse to his liking. Carlos imagined himself grabbing her by the hair aggressively and pulling her head towards his crotch. His mind wandered as she undid his pants and started to engage in oral sex with him. He felt the friction of her lips wrapped around his erection going up and down. Carlos slapped her in the face, making sure she looked up at him while she continued to service him.

“Carlos?! Get your ass down here and take out the trash,” his mother yelled from downstairs, taking him away from his moment.

“I already took it out, mom,” Carlos yelled back to her.

“Then why is it still in the kitchen and not outside? Take out the trash right now or you’re grounded,” his mother ordered.

“Mom! You can’t do that!! That’s not fair. I wish I could just die,” Carlos complained while pulling up his pants and heading out of his room.

“If you don’t pull your weight around here, I’ll just throw you out of the house. You’re already over 30. You should’ve moved out years ago. You’re lucky I deal with you at all. Now go take out the trash,” his mother threatened.

“Fine!” Carlos yelled back, going downstairs to the kitchen and taking out the trash.

Carlos hated his mother. He wished for so long that he didn’t have to deal with her nonsense. Carlos didn’t have a high paying job so he couldn’t afford to move out. Carlos didn’t even think about moving out anyhow if he had his internet and video games. Carlos went to the front of his mother’s room and gave the closed door the middle finger re-entering his room. Carlos laid back down on his bed, looking at all the pictures of naked women hung up on his wall. How he wished he could be with any of them instead of living with his mother. Carlos felt he deserved that much as he felt himself getting sleepy and finally passed out for the night.


Carlos stared at his phone excitedly as the young girl on the screen was having sex with the older man. He watched the porn video discreetly as he waited to be called in by the manager. Carlos’s mother forced him to try to get a job for months, but he had refused. Carlos didn’t care about getting a job. He wanted to be back home watching porn in his room. He was finally able to get a job as a dishwasher in a local restaurant thanks to his mother knowing the owner. Carlos had been working at the restaurant for a little over a month before he got called into the manager’s office. He still had no clue what it was about, but he knew it wasn’t good. The manager called Carlos in and told him to shut the door and have a seat.

“Carlos, do you know why I called you in today,” the manager asked him. Carlos shook his head in response prompting the manager to continue, “The reason I brought you here today is due to an incident that has come to my attention in regard to your recent interaction with the new waitress, Nancy. Everyone at the restaurant agreed that Nancy was a valued employee who worked hard for us over the years. She quit last week citing your interactions with her as the primary reason. Is there anything you’d like to tell us before I continue? Anything you’d like to share here and now?”

“No. I don’t know what you’re talking about, sir,” Carlos replied in a tone that indicated to his manager he was hiding something.

“I knew you’d say that. You can never tell the truth, can you? Carlos, Nancy left due to harassment. My cameras clearly point at several incidents including catching you taking pictures under her skirt with your cell phone while she wasn’t looking, hugging her without her giving consent, and finally grabbing her butt. Let me be clear. I hired you for your mother’s sake. She is near and dear to my heart, but you’ve been nothing but a pain in the ass ever since you started working here. You show up late, leave early, and barely get your job done when you do show up. I was willing to bite my tongue with the tardiness for your mother’s sake, but sexual harassment and the endangerment of other employees is where I draw the line. You’re fired. Turn in your uniform. I never want to see you here again. And to answer your next question, yes, I will be telling your mother,” the manager informed Carlos in a stern, commanding tone.

“Fuck you! Fuck Nancy! Fuck the world! Fuck you, motherfucker! I didn’t care about this stupid job anyway, you fucking faggot,” Carlos got up from his seat and angrily yelled at the manager, shoving his middle finger an inch from his face before turning around and storming out angrily……..

Until the next daydream……..

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