Body Pillow (Excerpt)


“Another victim is dead tonight as police continue to investigate the area. Police are warning residents to keep their doors locked and be on the lookout for Alexander Cremmins. The suspect is a white male, six foot two, two hundred thirty-five pounds with a muscular build, long brown hair, a goatee, and green eyes. If you see anyone resembling this description in the area, police are instructing you to call 911 immediately,” the news reporter stated before the TV was turned off.

Simon was tired of waiting. He ordered his package a week ago and knew today was the day he would receive it. Simon took a day off work to get this package in the mail because it meant so much to him. The object of his desire didn’t cost him much money, but Simon felt it was precious to him for his collection. The last time he ordered something in the mail and he didn’t take the day off work, the process took longer because they returned the package to the sender. Simon wasn’t going to let that inconvenience happen again.

A light knock on the door was heard. Simon leaped out of his seat and ran to the door. He quickly snatched the box from the UPS guy’s hands and signed his name on the machine to confirm that the package was received. Without so much as thanking the UPS driver, Simon slammed the door, ran up the stairs, and started to anxiously open the package. Inside the box was exactly what he was hoping for. Simon blushed as he removed his prize from its box.

What Simon held in both hands was a pillow. This was no ordinary pillow. The pillow Simon held was a body pillow. The pillow was almost as high as Simon in height and had the picture of a sexually suggestive anime girl printed on it. Simon was in love.

Until the next daydream……..

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