Holding On To Memory (Excerpt)


It was cold outside this night. Too cold. Dylan waited at the bus stop for what felt like over an hour hoping to get home. This scenario was a regular occurrence for Dylan. It was also tiresome. He woke up each morning to a job he hated, worked for what felt like forever, and finally went home after what felt like an eternity waiting for public transportation regularly. Dylan didn’t know why it even bothered him at this point since waiting for the bus in the cold was just a part of his work day. There was something about this day that just took all the life from him. He almost didn’t notice the bus stopping in front of him and only went in out of pure instinct and a need to get out of the cold.

Dylan looked at the window outside as the bus drove by. He let his mind drift to earlier points in his life. He needed any reminder that at one point, he had a life. His high point of each work day was his trips to the gym before work. They were the only factor in his life where he felt like he was getting somewhere. Work was nothing more than eight miserable hours at a warehouse he hated with every fiber of his soul. The pay was low. Too low. After work, the commute returning home was normally hell for Dylan. The first bus towards his hometown normally came late. After that, he didn’t know if the second bus towards his house would even come within the hour. If Dylan was unlucky, he would return home so late he only would have time to shower and go straight to bed to do it all over again.

Once Dylan arrived home, he put music on in order to clear his mind. He thought about everything he used to do with his friends and family. As time went on, everyone simply no longer became a part of his life. Dylan didn’t have anyone to talk to on a regular basis. His friends either no longer had time for him or just made up excuses as to why they didn’t want to hang out. Dylan sat back thinking about what he would do with the weekend besides running errands. His weekends almost always consisted of running errands normally. Every weekend became a blur, and none were better than the previous weekend. The ambient music played softly, helping Dylan’s mind wander to his past. Dylan’s mind wandered to many locations he used to go to when he was younger. One place came to mind more than any other. There was an ice-skating rink in the next town he remembered fondly. Dylan used to visit that skating rink with friends on various occasions. Memories of the ice-skating rink came back to Dylan, reminding him of a time where life seemed simpler. Since tomorrow was Saturday, he would make the trip there. If there was anything that would take his mind off the fact that he hated his present circumstances, this was as good as any other.

Until the next daydream……..

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