She felt his embrace touching her slowly, his fingers sliding gently up and down her back. She could feel his hot breath running down her neck as he held her close. She bit her bottom lip, aroused at the very presence of the man who laid beside her on the warm, comfortable bed they shared. She turned her head back to meet the man’s gaze. He smiled, and she responded in kind kissing him lasciviously. The man held her close, breathing deep and caressing her buttocks. She rubbed her hands gently on his shoulder, then his back, continuing to kiss him hungrily.

She let him use her body as his instrument of fervor. She wished to be his complete focus. She looked the man in his eyes as he entered her private doorway of passion. His thrusts were hard, rough, and deep, but never painful. The man pulled her hair back, forcing her eyes to meet the bedpost while devouring her neck with his lips and tongue. She did not mind. She would not resist. This was her moment away from the world. A moment away from her job, her life, and her daily struggles. Only passion existed in this realm where the man would take her pleasures to heights unknown as he continued to thrust and kiss her body. Her moaning was slow. Her breathing became heavier. His movement was faster. They were getting closer to the ending. The final moment. The breathing became heavier. The moaning was louder. In and out. Heavier. Harder. The moment of reverie eclipsed her mind. She escaped all that was reality until the climax. In one erotic moment of ecstasy, the dance was complete.

The alarm sounded off. The man vanished from thin air. The night quickly became dawn. The fantasy of lust was over. The rush of warmth gone quicker than it came to be. In the woman’s place laid a skinny, effeminate man whose moment of joy was lost. His desire faded underneath the deafening sound of his alarm clock. The man rose from his bed, turned off the alarm and began to freshen up for the day ahead.

Until the next daydream……..

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