Last Moments (Short Story)

Milly felt a sharp pain as she continued to run. The wound was too deep for her to forget about even though the man responsible was still after her. The events leading up to this point were fresh in her mind. Why did her parents trust this man? Why did they let him stay in for the night? The memories continued to play out in her head while she ran for her life, looking back routinely to ensure her pursuer wasn’t near. Milly could not afford to be caught.

                       Milly reached her destination and stopped to take a breath. She entered a small cave in the woods as she tended to her wound. The gash on the side of her left rib where the man stabbed her after murdering her parents released too much blood for Milly to last much longer. She accepted the possibility of death. Milly just didn’t want that man to catch her. She knew he was not to be trusted as soon as she saw the psychotic look in his eyes. He gained the trust of her parents through sympathy. Milly’s parents couldn’t see the evil in his eyes the way she did due to their sympathy for his being out in the harsh winter cold.

              For three days, the psychopath helped them around the house, promising to leave when the snow cleared. He befriended Milly’s father, gaining this trust through the common interest in contact sports talk. He was pleasant to Milly’s mother. Milly knew. Her intuition told her to steer clear from the man, but her parents understood their mistake too late when he killed them both in their sleep.  The psychopath attempted to murder Milly in the same fashion, but she was able to escape through the window in her room. Unfortunately, the knife she was stabbed with punctured her side too deeply.

                Milly could hear the psycho running into the entrance as she hid behind a large boulder within the cave.  His eyes bore the same psychotic, emotionless stare she saw when he attempted to kill her. Milly was scared to death. She was hypnotized by the emotionless stare of the monster that stood before her scanning the area. She moved back slowly as not to be seen. She was lucky he couldn’t see her. Milly crept back closer to the shadows, ensuring she didn’t step on anything that could draw the psycho’s attention. She winced at the pain from her wound, tripping over herself.

                 The sound of her falling caught the attention of the psychopath, who then stepped over to Milly. He was face to face with the bleeding young girl, whose face was stuck with fear. Milly attempted to get up, pulling herself up with the wall behind her. The psycho walked closer to Milly, relishing his conquest. He was ready to end the cat and mouse game.

           As the psycho took another step, Milly witnessed a large object lunge at the psycho, who disappeared from her view. Milly looked over to the area opposite of the cave’s entrance to see a grizzly bear tearing the psycho apart. Milly let out a sigh of relief and made her way out of the cave upon confirming the murderer was no more. Milly came to terms with reality. She was losing too much blood and would die soon. Milly thought of her family. She held on to the memory of her parents and the time she spent with them. She felt her life fading but knew she could go peacefully with the satisfaction that the man who killed her family can never harm another person again. Milly sat back under a tree cherishing the memories of her life as the rising sun’s warmth caressed her face one last time.

Until the next daydream……..

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