Message Sent (Short Story)

              The phone made a clicking noise again. Mark knew exactly who was texting him but decided to pick up the phone anyway. If he had no other reason to do so, Mark would pick up the phone in order to remove any unread messages and notifications from the inbox. The annoyance of hearing the clicking ringtone every couple of hours was more than enough for him to pick it up anyhow. Mark hoped he wouldn’t regret doing so.

                      Once Mark pressed the message tab, he saw that it was his brother who sent him the same texts repeatedly. Mark’s brother Ray was asking Mark to loan him money again. Mark was frustrated at this point since Ray hit him up for money three months ago. Ray couldn’t even wait a whole year before claiming to be in a bind yet again. For the past two years, Mark was loaning Ray money, trying to keep him on his feet despite Ray making double what Mark made per hour at his job. It was ridiculous to think that a man who made more than Mark couldn’t keep his finances together.

               Mark was already having a hard time on his own ever since he lost half his savings to pay for a hospital bill. Seeing Ray’s message about being in trouble and needing Mark to save him was frustrating. Mark yelled to himself about it all. He envisioned Ray being in the room as he gave him the third degree. Mark barely paid his own bills only to have Ray ask him for what little he had left, making it impossible for Mark to save money. Mark barely got his job a year and a half ago and wanted to make progress on saving enough money to no longer need other people. Ray, who made double the amount Mark made on his job, kept asking Mark for money since. A year and a half later, Mark was still getting the texts. The more Mark thought about Ray living a better lifestyle than him yet still asking for money, the more Mark wanted to throw or hit something. Ray had a car and lived in a real apartment. Mark lived in a room in someone else’s house and took the bus to work. Mark didn’t even want to look at the text message because it kept angering him.

           Mark then viewed his own bank accounts online. He was already nearing broke. If Mark loaned Ray anything, it would be a thankless decision. Ray would end up with what Mark needed. Mark didn’t want to lose his relationship as a brother with Ray, but as far as he was concerned, Ray didn’t care about him. Ray didn’t care about anyone but himself. It was one thing to ask for money when you’re in a worse position than someone, but Ray was better off than Mark. Mark understood that this was his own fault. There was only one way for this to end. It didn’t matter if Ray would talk to him or not. Mark had to think of himself for once in his life. Mark picked up the phone, went to Ray’s message, and wrote one word. He wrote the word No and hit send.

Until the next daydream……..

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