Introverts, LGBT, and the Value of Privacy

As an introvert or lone wolf, you see the world through a lens in which your perception of the world is one where you are responsible for the choices you make. You live with the perception that no one will save you from your choices. Knowing this, an introvert will still rather brave the hardships of the world alone rather than with false friends because they work at their best alone. The vast majority of people don’t understand this since most are extroverts and humanity is a pack animal by its very nature.

With this in mind, an introvert is as human as anyone else. As human beings, an introvert/lone wolf can easily be an LGBT individual. LGBT people already face hardships unique to their environments. Depending on where an individual resides, one can either have a comfortable existence in a city that is pro gay rights, or a town that has extreme homophobia.

One would ask themselves why this would be unique to an introvert knowing that all LGBT members face this hardship of dealing with bigotry if they lived in a bible belt town. The truth is, it really isn’t that different for an introvert on one condition: The introvert keeps their mouth shut about it. Honestly, if you’re not keen on talking to many people in the first place, this really should not be an issue as your sex life is private anyhow. The problem we have in our current culture is this need to express ourselves openly about every aspect of our lives. An introvert values privacy and should use discretion as often as humanly possible. There is no need to come out of the closet if you don’t feel it is necessary to do so. The media will try to tell you it is okay to come out of the closet no matter what.

In a perfect world, that should be the case. Reality, unfortunately, is not so kind. The minute you come out of the closet, people treat you differently. Things start to change and people will ultimately change the way they talk to you. Sometimes, the change can be a positive one. You have to weigh the risks by understanding your environment. Is the workplace or town LGBT friendly? Do you have anyone you can confide in who can keep their mouth shut? Is the possible reward worth the risk? Do you have an exit strategy in case things go wrong? As an introvert, you do have to keep in mind that you are mostly on your own, so every decision you make needs to be seen from a worst case scenario before going through with it.

My simple advice would be to do what you think is best for you. Don’t think that coming out of the closet is necessary, especially to people you barely talk to or don’t care much for in the first place. Not everyone in your social circle needs to have a look into your sex life. While it’s fine if you wish to come out, there is no obligation to do so. Your life is your choice as an introvert. If you wish to keep quiet, you are no less LGBT than anyone else. You just don’t talk about it as much as an extrovert would.

Well, that is all for today. Please feel free to tell me what you think in the comments and, as always, may you find peace on your solitary pathway.

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