Saturday Sample: Rejected

                    The crowd cheered him on with thunderous applause. Becky was able to hear everything but didn’t really pay much attention since she was focused on an attractive young man sitting outside on the table in front of the bar across the street. The man looked as if he may have been Mediterranean, most likely Italian or Spanish. He was slim with broad shoulders, short black hair with a hint of grey on the side and appeared to be in his late 30s. He sat alone typing on a laptop and drinking a double shot of whiskey. Becky wanted some real action. Any casual observer would’ve told her the man across the street was out of her league and that she shouldn’t bother approaching him.  

                   Unfortunately, Becky’s inflated ego and unrealistic expectations took over, so she decided to approach him. Becky stood in front of him looking down as the man continued to type away on his laptop. Becky’s sense of entitlement convinced her that he would stop everything he was doing and try to impress her as she stood across the table from where he was seated. She stood there waiting, but there was no response. The man didn’t look in her general direction as he continued to type away. Becky couldn’t understand why he didn’t notice her. It was as if he was purposefully ignoring her to get his work done. Becky’s entitled rage took over as she closed the laptop down in his face furiously.

                “What the fuck is your problem? Don’t you see me over here? Why didn’t you stop what you were doing to talk to me?” Becky yelled at him while she looked around to see if there was anyone else in the area so she could make a scene.

               The man opened his laptop and resumed typing. He took a sip of his whiskey and didn’t acknowledge her, keeping his eyes on the screen. Becky was livid. Her eyes were wide with shock. The man’s response immediately reminded her of the fact that she was invisible. This man wanted nothing to do with her. He didn’t even get angry at the fact that she slammed his laptop down. Becky’s infantile anger caused her to relinquish what little self-control she had and throw the man’s whiskey on his face. She stood there smugly and felt proud of herself once he looked up at her.

                  “Are you fucking gay or something? You don’t seem to notice when a beautiful woman is standing right in front of you offering to cheat on her boyfriend with you,” Becky explained in a smug, self-satisfied tone.

                                        “Your boyfriend? You talking about that retard who went into the My Little Pony Convention across the street? Lady, that’s about the best chance at having a boyfriend someone in your weight class has, so cheating on him might not be possible unless you start fucking the homeless, the man said. He stood up and started walking away.

                        “My weight class? Are you calling me fat? I’ll have you know this is genetic. It runs in the family, buddy,” Becky screamed furiously.

                        “No, it looks more like no one RUNS in your family,” the man said continuing his walk.

                          Becky’s ego was crushed as she stood there with her jaw practically reaching for the floor. She was sick of this. The rejection. The feeling of being invisible to men she desired. Her body trembled with a mixture of anger and fear at the realization that attractive men didn’t acknowledge her existence. It crippled her to the core to know that, lately, men didn’t bother with her unless she advanced and no matter how easy she tried to be with them, they shot her down as quickly as possible. Becky Basic was facing the fact that to men, she was worthless.

Until the next daydream……..

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