Clown World Fitness: The “Sit Back and Push”

Welcome to my new Comedy/Parody Fitness Vlog series entitled “Clown World Fitness” where I poke fun at the fitness industry. This video series will train the audience to achieve the worst physique humanly possible and create health issues that previously didn’t exist. With Clown World Fitness, I guarantee that if you don’t have type 2 diabetes or a cardiac arrest within 3 months after using the Clown World Fitness program, you will get your money back.


In this video, I will be demonstrating an exercise called the “Sit Back & Push”.

Sit Back and Push Full video

The Sit Back and Push is a very easy exercise that requires little to no effort. You will need a television, remote control, and a reclining chair. You can perform this exercise every single day and the results are amazing after just 3 short months. Benefits include:

  • Rapid belly growth
  • Lowered energy
  • Increased fat gain
  • Depression
  • Wasted Time
    and much more.

In order to perform a Sit back and Push, make sure you’re seated in the most comfortable recliner or couch you can find.

First, you sit all the way back as if you just came back from a hard day’s work and just want to rest.

Next, you will lift up your controller ensuring that you point it directly at the television in front of you.

Finally, you want to push the desired button to either turn on the TV or change the channel, volume settings, and anything else you desire.

I recommend you do this for 3 sets of 10 repetitions minimum. You will get better at this exercise fairly quickly since it requires no effort whatsoever. If you fail to have your remote on you, you may have to stand up and change the channel which defeats the purpose of this exercise in the first place, so NEVER lose your remote.

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