Saturday Sample: Broken Silence

An excerpt from the upcoming novel entitled “The Windows to the Soul”.

They watched the introvert carefully, remembering every step the muscular, intimidating looking man took as he went up the stairs taking the groceries out of his car and entering his room. He had closed the door swiftly and without a word. Beth and Clyde looked at each other after the door had closed and then looked back at the door. They were used to the introvert’s presence in the boarding house, but still knew nothing of the man. Ellen was the only person in the boarding house who had ever spoken to him and she only did so to ask about rent, which he always delivered two months’ worth. Beth had never known anyone in town who seemed to have a genuine lack of concern with the city itself or the people around him. The new tenant seemed to live in a world of his own, going on about his business without ever saying a word to anyone. He never made small talk with Beth, Clyde, or even Ellen. Beth had asked Ellen once about him, but Ellen was unable to give an accurate answer because he only spoke to let her know he had the money orders for the rent. The introvert was a mystery to everyone.

                      “Hey bitches! Guess who went on a shopping spree today?” said Julie Myeon as she skipped into the living room gleefully.

                      “Julie, you’re back early,” Beth replied, hugging Julie excitedly as she helped unpack.

                      While Beth pulled out shirts from Julie’s bag, Clyde pranced towards them in his usual effeminate manner, pulling other clothes and accessories out of Julie’s bags as well, but started staring at the introvert’s door upstairs again. Julie quickly noticed his gaze and looked up at the introvert’s door as well. Beth noticed their heads turned to the door, walking closer to the stairs in front of them.

         “Have either of you spoken to him yet?” Julie asked, her tone and demeanor more serious as she stared at the door.

           “Ellen’s the only one that’s ever got a word out of him. Even then, she knows only his name and that he pays two months’ rent every month,” Beth replied with a similar change in tone.

            “It’s strange that none of us have ever bothered to talk to him. He’s probably lonely. Everyone can use a friend in this city. Even an introvert like him deserves that much,” Julie suggested. “I say we break the silence and try to make him feel at home. I’m pretty sure he’s going to be here for a while.”

            “I guess you’re right. But how do we approach him?” Clyde asked, hoping Julie would provide an answer.

               “He’s not some monster. I’m sure you just walk up to him and say hi just like you would with anyone else. Sure, he’s not normal by our standards, but then again, none of us are normal. What is normal anyhow? If you guys don’t approach him, I will,” Julie stated as she left the living room.

Until the next daydream……..

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