Clown World Fitness: The Fruit Roll Up

Welcome back to Clown World Fitness, ladies and gentlemen. Today’s exercise is called the Fruit Roll Up. It is a back based exercise similar to a pull up or chin up. You can perform this exercise standing or seated any time or anywhere.

The first thing you’re going to need is either a Fruit Roll up or a Fruit by the Foot candy. You’re also going to need a small stick or pole to perform the exercise with. In order to perform this exercise, make sure you have the candy wrapped around the stick with a long strip hanging down. The next thing you will do is to take a bite from the fruit candy and pull the stick down to your chest just like you would with a pull up. You will repeat this motion for a set of ten repetitions. Perform as many sets of ten as you need until the Fruit Roll up is completely eaten off the stick.

Long term benefits of the Fruit Roll Up exercise include:

  • High Blood sugar
  • poor physical health
  • low energy
  • lowered testosterone
  • depression
  • obesity

Until the next daydream……..

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