Saturday Sample: 5 Paragraphs for the Introvert

Ladies and gentlemen, for today’s Saturday Sample, I wish to give away 6 paragraphs from my Ebook entitled: The Solitary Pathway. This is a small sampling of 100 paragraphs every introvert can use to live a life of solitude while being their best self. If you wish to read the whole text, feel free to buy the complete text for the low price of $1.00 USD on Amazon

  • Knowledge is learning from your mistakes. Wisdom is learning from the mistakes of others. Although experience is a fine teacher, there are times where you can learn from someone else’s failure to avoid failure in your own life. For example, you don’t need to develop a meth addiction to know that meth is dangerous. A quick Google search is more than enough to understand why you shouldn’t develop a drug addiction. That should just be mere common sense.
  • When in a new environment, situational awareness is your ally. Listen instead of speaking. Do not give yourself away until you feel as though you can do so without consequence. There will be those who are willing to sabotage your livelihood if you let them. A solitary individual must learn to keep everyone at arms’ length at all times. This is not to say you should focus on sabotaging anyone else, but to illustrate that you must be able to keep your guard up for narcissistic predators whether it be in a work environment, a bar/club setting, or even friends and family members who will try to take advantage of you by guilting you into giving them what they want.
  • Hobbies and passions are essential to a thriving and fulfilling existence as a solitary soul. Be careful to not let passion become addiction. It is too easy to let oneself become addicted to hobbies when there is limited human company. One could start buying unnecessary items or becoming addicted to their vice of choice because of not having positive human company. These hobbies are supposed to make life more fun, not escape your reality. When one becomes addicted to any activity, they will try to escape reality only to become a victim of it later. The self-victimization of denying reality through addictive escapism will hurt long and hard. Most who suffer from addiction to escapism will at first try to get more of their escapist hobbies to avoid the painful truth, only to find themselves digging their holes deeper. Avoid escapist addiction by moderating your hobbies to align yourself with reality by setting limits.
  • When living a lone wolf lifestyle, understanding that there are things one cannot control will become apparent very quickly. Learning to not let anger and resentment control your response to those situations is usually the hardest part of dealing with situations outside of one’s control. It is often best to face the reality head on rather than trying to hide from it. Do only what is within your control and don’t worry about what is out of your reach.
  • When living a solitary lifestyle, one must learn to see the good in everything no matter how bad it may be. There is always a silver lining if you look for it. Many people seem to look for something negative which just makes them shut down and give up on themselves. Try to do the opposite. Even if you do it for just one week, it will put things into perspective if you think about it long and hard enough.

Until the next daydream……..

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