Saturday Sample: Am I Beautiful?

The mist grew thicker as the young man walked home from work. He kept turning his head back to make sure no one was behind him as he walked faster with each step. The boy’s mother told him to be back as soon as he got back from the ANTI-DISC meeting and he intended to obey her. The streets were far less safe for him than they were over a year ago, so he made every effort not to remain outside any longer than he had to. The streets were quieter as he passed each block, but that didn’t guarantee safety nor security, so he kept moving along, making sure he could see through the heavy mist. The boy stopped for a moment to catch his breath once he saw a small park with a lake. The boy sat down on a bench near the lake whilst simultaneously turning his head in all directions to make sure no one would catch him by surprise. Upon confirming there was no one else in the vicinity, he sat back relaxed. As the boy was tilting his head back, he saw movement some distance away on the other side of the lake.

                         The boy began to look closer at the movement with interest. From what he saw, it appeared to be the silhouette of a woman. The woman was walking around in circles and seemed to be talking to herself from what the boy could make out. Her motions gave any onlooker the idea that she was having a conversation, but there was not another person that was visible on her side of the lake. The figure walked around aimlessly pulling at its hair and stomping its feet as though something frustrated it. The boy started to feel uneasy as he continued to watch the woman seemingly getting angrier and less patient as shown by the movements of her body. The figure stopped, its back hunched. Her head turned and saw the boy. He shook back in fear as he realized the woman saw him. What he could make out looked like the face of a plastic doll. For the boy, it was something out of a horror movie. The doll faced figure started to walk around the lake towards him. The boy wasted no time turning and running for his life. He ran as fast as he could towards the end of the park, looking back to see the doll faced woman running after him. The boy was out of the park running through what seemed like several blocks but could hear maniacal laughter behind him. The boy refused to even look back, knowing the doll faced woman was just too frightening to want to see again. He struggled to see through the mist, barely making out the shapes of cars and familiar areas as he ran towards home.

                                        The laughter of the woman continued to haunt the boy as he was getting tired from running. Stopping to take a breath wasn’t an option. His death would be certain if he didn’t make a point of losing the doll faced psychopath. The boy knew a shortcut along a long alleyway that was down the next block. He ran left into the dark alley. The boy dared to look behind him and saw no one. He didn’t hear any laughter either. He started to calm down, his heart still beating like a drum after the run. He walked towards what looked like the city’s square. The boy could see a café across the street where well dressed, wealthy businessmen sat and socialized amongst themselves. A couple sat on the table across from them and there was a waiter serving them drinks. The boy was confident he would be safe as he started to make his way out of the alley. He looked back one last time to make sure no one was behind him. He saw nothing and turned back around. The doll face was in front of him. She stood in front of his exit out of the dark alleyway. The mist hid them both from anyone who wasn’t paying attention. She walked towards him, making him walk backwards and started to remove the doll mask.

                             “Am I beautiful?” the young woman asked in an innocent sounding voice.

                  The boy’s face was filled with horror at what stood before him. He could not contain the fear that made him body tremble with despair and hopelessness. The figure’s true face was indescribable to him as he kept walking backwards. Words could not explain the horror that stood before him. The mist covered much of what he could see, but that helped very little considering the features of her face were unrecognizable to the human eye. This was the last thing the boy saw before he felt the slash of a blade cut his throat with such speed that if one were to blink, they would’ve never seen the movement of the machete she used. The doll faced creature walked away slowly past the boy as he fell to his knees, blood gushing out of his throat. The last thing he saw as he started to feel the breath of life escape him was the people across the street noticing him falling, clutching his throat. They went closer not to help him, but instead they chose to take pictures on their phones, many of the onlookers mocking him, telling him it was too late and laughing as he closed his eyes, bled out, and finally died.

Until the next daydream……..

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